Leaf Peacock Craft

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One beautiful way to make peacocks is by using the most beautiful nature supply – the leaves. This Leaf Peacock craft for kids is an absolute gem that will capture their hearts.

Begin by collecting some leaves from your surroundings, then download our free peacock template – and you’re all set for this creative craft project!

Now, you might be wondering how those vibrant green leaves stick together to form this magnificent peacock. Well, in this blog, I’ll walk you through the process.

In the meantime, if you have a fondness for peacocks and are searching for more fun activities, be sure to explore all our Peacock-themed activities for kids!

Peacock leaf craft

Things you need to make this Leaf peacock

  • Approximately 15cm long green leaves – 8
  • Brown leaf – 1
  • Peacock template
  • Playdough
  • Blue paint
  • Q-tip

Watch the Video on How to make the Leaf peacock


Directions to make the Leaf peacock craft

To begin, download the Free Peacock Template provided at the end of this post. Print it out and colour it to your liking. Then, carefully cut it out.

colour and cut the peacock template

Next, gather some leaves from your surroundings. They should ideally be at least 15cm long to perfectly fit our template.

If you have smaller leaves, consider using them in concentric layers for an even more beautiful effect.

Start by removing the leaf petioles with a scissors.

Gather leaves for craft

Now, take a small piece of paper, approximately 6cm x 5cm, and spread playdough on it.

Press the leaves onto it one by one, creating a fan shape. We’ll use playdough to secure the leaves together, and I’ll explain why at the end of the blog.

Bird craft with leaf

Use playdough wherever necessary to stick the leaves.

Making the peacock tail with leaves

After the leaves are firmly attached, forming the peacock’s tail, spread some playdough in a narrow patch at the centre of the leafwork.

Attach the peacock body on top of it.

Making the peacock tail with leaves

Paste the peacock body over it.

Peacock craft made with leaf

Next, pick up the brown leaf and cut out small squares. Attach them randomly to the peacock’s tail using a small dot of playdough.

Making the peacock tail with leaves

For an added touch, use a Q-tip to create blue paint dots on the leaves.

Peacock leaf craft


And that’s all you need to do to make this peacock craft!

This craft is a fantastic way to utilize leaves in creating wonderful artwork.


Peacock leaf craft

Now, let’s address some important questions you might have while making this craft:

Can I use Glue to stick the leaves?

Glue doesn’t work well with green leaves; I’ve tried various types of glue, and it never held them together.

Playdough, on the other hand, is a wonderful alternative that’s easy and mess-free.

Conversely, when working with dry leaves, glue is a reliable choice. We’ve successfully created a squirrel craft using dry leaves and glue in the past.

How long will Crafts made with green Leaf last?

Despite its beauty, this Leaf craft will only last a couple of days.

As the leaves start to dry, they will detach from the playdough and fall off.

If you want a peacock craft that lasts longer, I recommend trying our Handprint Peacock craft or Paper Plate Peacock craft.

How to make a peacock with leaves

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Download the Free Peacock Template

Get the Free Peacock printable Template here:


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