Peacock Facts for Kids

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Peacocks are one of the most beautiful birds in nature. They have striking, colourful feathers and an unmistakable call that can be heard from afar.

While their beauty is captivating, there’s a lot more to these fascinating creatures than meets the eye. From what they eat to where they live, here are all the essential Peacock facts for kids!

Peacock Facts for kids

Peacock in simple words

Peacocks are birds with distinctive feathers and sharp beaks. They are actually part of the pheasant family (Phasianidae), alongside other birds like turkeys and chickens.

Peacocks grow an extra-long tail plumage called a train, which is made up of intricately patterned feathers that spreads upwards to form an incredible fan shape!

Important Peacock Facts for Kids

  • Scientific Name: Pavo cristatus
  • Type: Bird
  • Life Span: 10-20 years in wild
  • Diet: Omnivorous
  • Habitat: open lowland forests, as well as farms and agricultural fields
  • Native to: Indian subcontinent, South East Asia and the Congo Basin of Africa.
  • Species : 3

Interesting Peacock Facts for Kids

Peacock Facts for kids

  1. Peacocks are one of the world’s most beautiful birds.
  2. They are the Largest Bird that can Fly!
  3. Although commonly used for both genders, “peacock” strictly refers to male peafowl.
  4. The female species are known as Peahens.
  5. Only the males have Ornamental Feathers.
  6. The courtship Dance of peacocks to Attract mate is a Significant Behaviour!
  7. Peacocks despite Being Huge can run very fast.
  8. Peacocks make loud calls and noises which is not pleasant to human ears.
  9. Peacock prefers to stay in groups.
  10. Peacocks typically sleep on trees to stay safe from Predators.
  11. Peacocks are omnivores, meaning they eat both plants and animals.
  12.  Peacocks live in warm climates such as India and Srilanka.
  13. Peacock is the National Bird of India.
  14. It is illegal to have a Peacok as Pet in India as per the wildlife protection act of 1972.

Peacock Flying

What is special about Peacock feathers?

  1. The Feathers that cover the tails of a peacock are 5 feet – one of the longest in the World!
  2. Peacocks typically have around 150-200 feathers in their train.
  3. Peacocks shed and Regrow their feathers annually.
  4.  Male peacocks use their long train feathers during courtship displays to attract females.
  5. They spread their feathers into a fan-like shape and perform elaborate dances to showcase their beauty and fitness.
  6. Peacock feathers appear to change colours when viewed from Different Angles (iridescent)

Peacock feathers


Peacock Terminologies

  • Baby Peacocks are called Peachick
  • Adult Female Peacock are called Peahens
  • Adult Male Peacock are called Peacocks
  • A group of peacocks is known as Muster, pride, or ostentation
  • Peafowl is the term used to commonly refer to birds of both sexes.


  • The Long tail of the peacock is popularly called the Train
  • A single feather of the male peacock is known as an Ocellus or Eye spot. 

Read on and learn answers to Questions you may have about Peacock.

What do peacocks eat?

Peacocks are Omnivorous.  Their diet consists not only of tasty fruit and grains but also tiny critters like ants, millipedes & even small snakes.

In captivity, food items that replicate their natural omnivorous diet are provided for the animal’s perfect nutrition.

Options range from pellets and chopped greens or fruits to bread, cooked rice, corn and more!

What is the lifespan of a Peacock?

In the wild, peacocks live between 10 and 25 years!

In captivity, peacocks live much more years – even up to 50 years! This is because of several reasons such as

  • Access to consistent food
  • Veterinary care
  • reduced predation risks
  • Living in a Controlled and protected environment

Peacock courtship display

What are some Predators of Peacocks?

Mongooses, jungle cats, stray dogs, leopards, and tigers.

Despite their magnificent and attention-grabbing train, peacocks have evolved a clever defence mechanism.

If a predator seizes their train, the feathers detach easily, allowing the peacock to escape and fly to safety.

What are the Different Species of Peafouls?

The main species of peafowl is the Indian Peafowl (Pavo cristatus).

  • The Indian peafowl – The widely recognized species of peafowl that has a Blue neck. It is native to South Asia, including countries like India and Sri Lanka.
  • The Green Peafowl – It is smaller in size and has a more vivid green and blue plumage. It is native to Southeast Asia, including countries like Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam.
  • The Congo peafowl – It is quite small with fewer Feathers and is native to in central Africa.

Types of Peacock

What are White Peacocks?

White peacocks have special white feathers with a little cream colour. They are not a different kind of peacock, but the Blue Indian Peafouls that are affected by a genetic variation.

This genetic change known as Leicism affects their feathers and makes them lose their usual colours.

White peacock

Peacock and Hinduism

In Hinduism, the peacock holds significant symbolism and is associated with various deities and religious beliefs.

  1. Peacock is the divine vehicle of Lord Murugan (Lord Karthikeya)
  2. It is associated with Goddess Saraswati.
  3. Peacock feathers adorn Lord Krishna’s Crown.
  4. The peacock represents beauty, splendour, and immortality.
  5. People keep Peacock feathers at home as they believe they ward off evil and negative energies.
  6. Peacock feathers have decorative and religious significance, often used in Hindu rituals and ceremonies.

Conservation Status of Peacock

The conservation status of peacocks varies depending on the specific species.

  • The Indian Peafowl is listed as “Least Concern”
  • The Green Peafowl is classified as “Endangered”
  • The Congo Peafowl is listed as “Vulnerable”

Hope you enjoyed the Fun Facts about Peacocks and Learned all about these beautiful birds!

This article is compiled with information from various trusted sources and simplified to make it easier for kids to understand.

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