Handprint Peacock Craft

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Kids love watching peacocks! Their stunning appearance and mesmerizing dance are truly captivating. Today, I’m excited to share a delightful activity with you – a fun Handprint Peacock Craft!

Creating handprint crafts is a fantastic method to preserve precious memories.

handprint Peacok craft

Looking back, I remember crafting a Handprint Turkey with my daughter’s handprint. Seeing it now, I can’t help but notice how much she’s grown since then.

These crafts hold a special place in our hearts.

Now, let’s dive into crafting this adorable handprint Peacock. Allow me to guide you through the steps to create this charming masterpiece!

Things you need to make this adorable Peacock Craft

  • Cardstock paper in Green
  • Washable paint
  • Free Peacock Template
  • Brush pen or crayons
  • Scissors

Watch Video on how to make the peacock craft

Directions to make this Handprint Peacock craft

Download the Peacock template at the end of the post. Print it out on a cardstock.

While each template provides 6 peacock bodies, we’ll only need one for this craft. I’ve also shared a list of creative peacock ideas that you can explore using the template at the end of the post.

Colour the body blue with a brush pen or a Crayon.  For the beak and legs, use orange or yellow. Cut out the Peacock body precisely using a pair of Scissors.

Next, Trace your child’s hand on green cardstock, then cut out three handprint pieces for the peacock craft.

Now, assemble the three handprint pieces to create the peacock’s tail. Stick them together.

Stick the previously coloured and cut body piece. You can leave it as is or add patterns to the peacock.

Use your fingertip to create Blue dots with washable paint.

Next, use a Q-tip to add yellow to the blue dots.

Your craft is ready! Display it proudly; it’s a fantastic project that kids adore.

More Peacock Ideas for Kids

This peacock template allows you to make many Peacock crafts

  • Use the template to create a cool Paper plate Peacock
  • Use Green Leaves to make a Tail and make a Leaf Peacock

Check our Peacock Worksheets for a Fun-Filled Math Practice.

You might also like to learn fun facts about Peacock for kids.

handprint peacock craft

More Handprint Crafts for kids

Download the Peacock Craft Template

Get the Free Peacock printable Template here:

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