DIY Swing for Krishna – Easy Janmastami Decoration

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Children will love playing with this DIY Swing for Krishna!

Creating a Jhula (swing) for Krishna presents a fantastic opportunity to immerse kids in the festive spirit of Janmashtami.

The beauty of this project lies in its simplicity, as it doesn’t demand intricate materials or complex steps. It stands as an excellent DIY Janmashtami decoration that anyone can create!

Perfect for creating with kids! For more inspiration, don’t forget to explore our Janmashtami Activities for kids.

Krishna Swing or Jhula


What is the Significance of Krishna Swing?

A “Jhula” for Krishna, also known as a “Krishna Swing,” refers to a decorative swing or cradle to depict Lord Krishna.

The swing represents the playful and joyful aspect of Lord Krishna’s character.

During Janmashtami (the celebration of Lord Krishna’s birth), devotees often create beautifully decorated swings for idols or images of Krishna.

These swings can range from simple to elaborate designs and are often adorned with flowers, fabrics, and other decorations.

Devotees take pleasure in swinging the idol of Krishna back and forth, symbolizing the love and devotion of his followers.


Things you will need to make this DIY Swing for Krishna

Crafting this Swing for God is incredibly simple, using readily available household items.

  • Paper Straw
  • Gold Glitter paper
  • Shoebox Lid (Small size)
  • Any thread
  • Punching machine
  • Stapler
  • Hot glue Gun

Directions to make this DIY Jhula for Krishna

Commence by securing two paper straws together using a thread, positioning the joint near the straw tips, and leaving around a 1-inch gap. Make the Know very Tight.

Duplicate the process to craft another set.

Tie the Straws Together

Subsequently, arrange these straw pairs within the confines of a shoebox lid. While adhesive isn’t necessary, using a hot glue gun is advisable to firmly affix the straws within the box.

Erect the Straws on the shoebox

On the top of this Framework, Place three straws and fasten them securely on either end with the threads.

Now, let’s create a seating arrangement for Krishna.

Take a sheet of glitter paper and replicate the folding pattern demonstrated in the provided image. All the folds are 1 inch wide.

Ensure the base size of the seat is larger than that of your Krishna idol.

Glitgter paper Swing seat dimensions

Once folded, staple the sides together to create a seat for the swing.

Making a seat for krishna Swing

Optionally you can round the edges with a Scissor. Using a Punching Machine, make two holes on each side of the Swing.

Swing Seat for Krishna

Next, thread a string through them. The string’s length should allow for attachment to the top of the straw framework we crafted earlier.

Tie a Thread on the Swing Seat

With both the swing and its support stand prepared, proceed to fasten the strings of the seat, ensuring both sides are evenly distanced.

Tie the swing to the stand


Your swing is now ready to sway! Bring in your Krinna idol and With a gentle push, the swing begins its elegant back-and-forth motion.

As it sways, it carries not only the idol but also the devotion, faith, and love you hold in your heart.

I assume you have all the supplies needed to create your very own DIY Krishna Swing at home.

Get started with the creative process now!

If you want to save this idea for future reference, go ahead and save the image right here!

Krishna Swing, Jhula

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