Summer Paper Weaving Crafts

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Embrace the spirit of summer with not just one, but three adorable paper-weaving crafts: Watermelon, Sun, and Popsicle. 

Paper weaving is a timeless technique that allows you to transform simple strips of paper into intricate and captivating works of art.

For the first craft, I will show you how to make the Sun Weaving craft step-by-step and share images of the other two crafts. Take your craft materials, let’s get crafting.

Summer Paper Weaving Crafts

Things you will need to make the summer weaving crafts

  • Summer Paper Weaving Craft Printable
  • Cutting Mat
  • Cutter
  • Scissors

Directions to make the sun weaving craft

Once you’ve printed out the sun template, prepare your workspace by placing it on a cutting mat. With a cutter, carefully make slits along the dashed lines to create a weaving framework for your sun.

make the cut on the sun

With precision, cut out the sun shape. Let’s now cut the strips to weave into the sun. 

Sun Paper Weaving Craft


Weaving may seem complex, but with a bit of guidance, even beginners can find their rhythm. Kids, with practice, will soon weave like seasoned artisans.

Commencing at the bottom of the sun, begin weaving a paper strip over and under through the framework, allowing the sun’s shape to come to life through the interlacing strips.

Introduce the next paper strip, ensuring it’s woven in the opposite manner to the first, enhancing the visual texture of the weaving.

Continue this technique, alternating the strips as you progress upwards, creating an intricate and mesmerising woven effect that mimics the sun’s radiance.

weaving the sun

Upon completion of the weaving process, trim any excess paper using a pair of scissors, refining the sun’s appearance. 

Take paper strips and attach them to the circumference of the craft to show the sun’s rays.

Sun Paper Weaving Craft

That concludes the paper-weaving journey for the sun.

Popsicle Paper Weaving Craft

Similarly, let’s now work on the Popsicle weaving craft: Print on cardstock, create the slits, weave them into the framework, and our popsicle is ready!

Popsicle Paper Weaving Craft

I have given blue as the default colour for the strips in the template. But you can choose to get creative by using other colour papers. Just keep in mind that the paper strips should be 2 cm wide.

Popsicle Paper Weaving Craft

Your Popsicle Weaving Craft is now ready!

Now, onto making the third and final piece of the Summer Craft.

Watermelon Paper Weaving Craft

The instructions closely resemble the previous two crafts: First, print on Cardstock. Then, create slits on the watermelon, proceed to cut out the pieces, begin weaving, and finish the process.

Watermelon Paper Weaving Craft

Note: If you would like to get a bit more creative, you can take a black marker to add dots to resemble the seeds of a watermelon.

These crafts may take longer to weave, but the end result is undeniably striking.

Summer Paper Weaving Crafts

Which version of the three weaving crafts do you find more captivating?

This delightful craft is ideal for family bonding, nurturing creativity, and producing cherished artwork to adorn your living space.

Gather your supplies and embark on this crafting journey, for when love and creativity unite, the results are truly extraordinary!

Don’t forget to save this activity for future creative escapades.

Get your Paper weaving Printable



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