Krishna Silhouette Craft

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Have you ever imagined creating your painting, so simple and perfect that even children can do it? Well, now you can with this Krishna Silhouette Craft!

You’ll fashion a beautiful painting that you’ll proudly display. With Janmashtami only a few weeks around the corner, this project is a must-try for both children and adults!

Let me guide you through the step-by-step process.

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Krishna Silhouette Craft

Things you’ll need for the Krishna Silhouette Craft

  • Krishna Printable Template (Download at the end of the post)
  • Watercolour Paper A4 size
  • Watercolour paint
  • Brushes
  • Scissors and Glue
  • Black Cardstock Paper

Watch a Video on How to make this Krishna Silhouette Art


Directions to make this Krishna Silhouette Craft

Begin with a sheet of watercolour paper and sketch some basic outlines with a pencil. For this painting, we’ll create horizontal bands in the background, so draw random strips.

Watercolour sheet

One painting technique is to wet the paper first with water and then apply the watercolour paint.

Start by applying some water (just a thin coat) using a brush and then apply the paint. This creates a beautiful effect when water is applied first.

Painting on watercolour sheet

Next, add more colours of your choice. The more vibrant, the more beautiful it becomes. Let the paper dry.
Background on watercolour sheet

While the paper is drying, prepare the Krishna silhouette.

Download the template at the end of the post and use it to create a cutout of Krishna on black cardstock paper.

Black works best, but you can also print and cut it on white cardstock paper.

This step requires patience, as Krishna has many intricate curves and turns. Cut as precisely as you can to make it resemble Krishna.

Krishna Silhoutte craft

Once your Krishna cutout is ready, paste it onto the watercoloured background. Admire your adorable piece of Krishna Silhouette Art!

Krishna Silhoutte painting


For added flair, consider creating a background with concentric circles. This looks great with yellow at the centre and a contrasting colour in the outer circles.

Krishna Silhouette art

You can also paint a foreground in black, as shown in the picture, to make it appear as though Krishna is standing on it.

So we have done two versions of this painting. Which one do you prefer and would like to create today?

You can download the free Krishna Template at the end of the post or pin this image for later!

Krishna Silhouette Craft

This silhouette craft isn’t just limited to Krishna; you can use this technique for various other crafts as well.

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Download the Krishna Craft Template

Download the Krishna Template here.

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