Summer Cut and Paste Crafts

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These Summer Cut and Paste Crafts offer three amazing summer-themed crafts: a Boat, Ice Cream, and a Coconut – all things that kids will love making!

These crafts are simple to make and highly cherished by kids, who take pride in the finished products they create.

In this blog, you will find directions on how to make these Summer Crafts. Be sure to visit our Blog for a wide selection of additional Cut and Paste Crafts! We have plenty available and regularly update our list with new additions every month!

Summer Cut and Paste crafts

5 Reasons Why Cut and Paste Crafts are the Perfect Fit for Young Kids

The Cut and Paste crafts are ideal activities for preschoolers for several reasons.

  • They are Easy to do.
  • Requires only basic skills such as cutting and pasting.
  • kids can do without the need for detailed instructions.
  • The end product of this craft is simply excellent.
  • Brings overall enjoyment and satisfaction to kids.

Moreover, it requires no preparation whatsoever, making it convenient and easy to dive right into for parents and Educators.

It’s no wonder that Cut and Paste is one of the most beloved crafts for kids of all ages.

Things needed to make Summer Cut and Paste Craft

It’s as simple as that! These are the only items you need to make this craft.

Summer Cut and Paste crafts for kids

Directions for the Summer Cut and Paste Crafts

The step-by-step instructions for the three summer crafts (Ice cream, boat, and coconut) are quite similar.

Here’s a brief overview:

  1. Print the pages on thick cardstock for better results.
  2. Have the child cut out the elements using scissors.
  3. By referring to the picture in the top right corner of the page, the child glues the elements together to create the summer craft.

For toddlers, adults can cut the pieces beforehand so that they can easily stick them together to create their craft.

Ice Cream Cut and Paste Craft

This ice cream craft is incredibly easy. It creates a cool ice cream that kids can use for pretend play in their kitchen.

Ice Cream Cut and paste Craft

Use the Black and white Template to Create Ice cream in a variety of Colours and personalisation.

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Coconut Cut and Paste Craft

Whether you’re engaging in summer-themed activities or food-themed activities, this coconut drink craft is perfect. It is also suitable for tropical-themed activities or decorations, adding a touch of the exotic.

Coconut cut and Paste Craft


Boat Cut and Paste Craft

This boat craft is a must-have for your beach-themed activities. Utilize the black-and-white template to allow for more personalization and creativity.

Boat Cut and paste craft

Watch a Video Tutorial on Summer Cut and paste Crafts


Get the Summer Cut and Paste Craft Printable

All three summer cut-and-paste crafts are available as a single pack. This pack includes both a pre-coloured version and a black-and-white version.

With the pre-coloured version, kids can easily cut the elements and paste them together.

The black-and-white version allows kids to colour the elements of their choice, cut them out, and personalize their crafts by pasting them together.

Summer Cut and paste craft

Additional Summer Arts and Crafts for Kids:

1. Paper Weaving Crafts: These crafts are designed to improve fine motor skills and concentration in kids. They provide an enjoyable activity that involves weaving paper strips together.

2. Popsicles with Toilet Paper Rolls: Get creative and make popsicles using toilet paper rolls. This craft is both fun and a great way to repurpose materials. Let your imagination run wild with colourful designs!


Summer activities for kids


3. Summer Directed Drawings: Practice drawing with 10 simple and engaging summer-themed drawings that are perfect for kids. This activity allows children to enhance their artistic skills while having fun.

4. Summer Q-Tip Painting: This activity is loads of fun and excellent for developing fine motor skills. Using Q-tips as brushes, kids can create colourful masterpieces while improving their hand-eye coordination.

More Summer Printable Activities for Kids

During the summer break, it’s important to keep kids engaged with various activities, whether at home or while travelling. Here are some additional options:

More Cut and Paste Crafts for kids

Expand your collection of cut-and-paste crafts with these exciting additions:

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