Penguin Craft for Kids {Free Template}

Make this Adorable Penguin Craft with our free Template. It is a Cut and Paste project which your child can do with minimal instruction.

Penguins are popular birds that live in Antarctica. They have been around for years and have been popularized by movies such as Madagascar and Happy feet, my little one’s favourite movies.

This Penguin craft is a perfect addition if you are doing polar Study or Antarctic unit study.

Easy Penguin Craft for kids

Things needed

  • Printable (Download at the end of the post)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Blue Cardstock
  • Qtip
  • White Paint

Directions to make Penguin craft with Template

Download the printable at the end of the post. It has two versions, one is pre-coloured, and the other has outlines which kids can colour and make the penguin. I recommend printing on thick Cardstock for better results.

Cut out each element of the penguin craft template. There are 9 pieces, to be precise.

Glue all the pieces together with a paper glue stick. You can refer to the Penguin image at the top left of the Template.

You can leave it or create a snowy background as we did. We used Q-tips to make white snow on Blue paper.

Our Penguin craft is ready!

Here is my 4-year-old Little ones penguin! I just gave her the supplies and no instruction, and she was busy for the next 20 minutes.

It s a very easy project that you could do with your Preschooler this winter. You can download the free Template here.

Do you find this Craft template helpful? Let me know in the comment section. Thank you:)

This Penguin craft is very similar to Cut and Paste Walrus Craft. Have you checked it?

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