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If you are looking for a book to accompany your Italy unit for kids, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve curated a list of over 20 engaging picture Books about Italy for Kids that cover a range of topics.

From books about the country itself to specific places like Rome, Florence, and Pisa, as well as books about Italian food and famous personalities, this booklist has it all!

After our recent trip to Italy, we engaged in various activities based on Italian culture and these books complemented our Italy unit study perfectly.

Italy books for kids

I have categories the books into following sections and these Links will take you directly to the respective Section,

Each has 3 to 5 books that Fits well for preschoolers to Elementary school kids.  I loved curating this list! While there are hundreds of books about Italy available, I’ve selected the following based on the content that I liked, has good reviews on Goodreads/Amazon and also

I’ve included some read-aloud videos for many of these allowing you to preview the content before making a purchase.

Italy books for kids

You can also benefit from this blog post by simply pinning it to access the read-aloud videos. Enjoy exploring the rich world of Italian culture through these captivating books!

So Here is the list of Best Picture books for Kids set in Italy!

Books about Exploring Italy

Good Night Italy

This book is part of the beloved Good Night Our World series.  From the iconic Trevi Fountain to the historic Colosseum and more, this charming board book introduces children to Italy’s famous landmarks, delicious cuisine, and vibrant culture.

Good Night Italy (Good Night Our World)

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Kids’ Travel Guide – Italy

This book is a fun Guidebook for kids to Explore Italy. Packed with fun facts, quizzes, and activities, this travel guide brings Italy to life, teaching children about its cities, landmarks, culture, and more.

Kids' Travel Guide - Italy: The fun way to discover Italy - especially for kids (Kids' Travel Guide series)

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Italy pop-up book

Explore Italy’s iconic landmarks with this pop-up book! Each page features a different monument bursting to life, accompanied by fascinating facts and other notable buildings.

This book provides a glimpse of all Popular cities and their attractions. Similar books are available for Milan, Rome and Venice (listed in the following sections)

Italy. Libro pop up

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Little Ricky Explores Italy

Little Ricky Explores Italy

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Living In Italy

“Living in Italy” is a non-fiction book suitable for grade 1 or 2 readers that offers a glimpse into the life of children growing up in Italy through facts and pictures.

This book is part of a series that explores different countries around the world.

Living in . . . Italy: Ready-to-Read Level 2

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Books about Rome for Kids

Madeline and the Cats of Rome

As part of the Madeline series, this book delves into the wonders of Rome. With a well-crafted plot, it guides readers through numerous Attractions of the city.

Madeline and the Cats of Rome

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See inside Ancient Rome

We adore Usborne books, especially those with flaps! Dive into ancient Roman life and watch as the steamy baths and Colosseum come alive in an interactive format.

Ideal for little learners, it offers a captivating glimpse into the past.

See Inside Ancient Rome (Usborne Flap Book)

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Where is the Colosseum?

Discover the complete story of the Colosseum, from its construction to its various uses throughout history. This book is tailored for children aged 8 and above, offering in-depth insights.

Where Is the Colosseum?

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Additionally, Check out this Colosseum Craft for kids with a free template to complement the reading experience!

This is Rome

The beauty of this book is that it can be enjoyed both by adults and kids who have visited Rome. It shows all major landmarks with beautiful illustrations and is a great way for children to learn about the city.

Although this book was written in 1960, The lively illustrations stay true to the author’s vision over 40 years later. Updated facts appear in a “This is . . . Today” section on the last page.

This is Rome: A Children's Classic

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Rome: The Eternal Beauty: Pop-Up Book

A Pop-up book Featuring beautiful illustrations of Dario Cestaro’s monuments of Rome!

Rome: The Eternal Beauty : Pop-Up

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Paolo, Emperor of Rome: A Picture Book

Join Paolo, The salon dog as he discovers the wonders of Rome: the ruins, the food, the art, the opera, and the cats.


Paolo, Emperor of Rome: A Picture Book

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Books about Florence for kids

The Wonders of Florence

Explore Florence through a pop-up book featuring Dario Cestaro’s amazing art. Discover its history with simple texts and fun facts. See famous landmarks like the cathedral and Palazzo Vecchio. Even younger kids will love recognizing these colourful landmarks!


The Wonders of Florence

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There are other books in the series as well –  for Rome, Milan and Venice as well.

Pippo the Fool

Discover the amazing story behind the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence! When the city needed a dome, Filippo Brunelleschi stepped up to the challenge. Known as Pippo the Fool, he aimed to prove himself.


Pippo the Fool (Junior Library Guild Selection)

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Stone Giant

Discover the captivating tale of how Michelangelo Created his masterpiece – the iconic David statue.

A must-read book for anyone visiting Florence, it also offers a glimpse of the stunning cityscape captured in its surroundings. Florence truly is a city of unparalleled beauty.

Stone Giant: Michelangelo's David and How He Came to Be

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Books about Venice for Kids

Olivia in Venice

The Author takes readers on an adventure through Venice alongside the beloved character, Olivia.  It captures the essence of Venice’s unique culture and landmarks, making it an enjoyable read!


Olivia Goes to Venice

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This is Venice

Brilliant illustrations capture the city’s beauty, with updated facts for today’s readers.

Sasek’s witty narrative guides us through Venice’s iconic landmarks like Palazzo Grassi and Piazza San Marco. Perfect for kids and parents alike, it’s a delightful souvenir of this enchanting city.

This Is Venice (This

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Ciao, Sandro!

This story is about a little dog named Sandro and his Gondolier owner Nicola. It takes you through the streets of Venice and makes the city come to life with a Sweet story.

Ciao, Sandro!: A Picture Book

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Other books set in Italy

Disney Pixar Luca: Book of the Film

The popular Disney movie is set in a fictional Italian seaside town called Portorosso, which draws inspiration from the picturesque coastal villages of the Cinque Terre region.

The colourful buildings, rugged cliffs, and azure waters depicted in the film reflect the charm and beauty of Cinque Terre, making it a visually stunning backdrop for the story.

I recommend watching the Movie Luca or Getting the Book Version of the movie.

Disney Pixar Luca: Book of the Film

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Escape from Pompei

Join Tranio and Livia as they witness the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD79.  It also beautifully illustrates the daily life of Romans from a child’s point of view.

Note, however, that the story has a tragic ending and may not be suitable for very young readers.

Escape from Pompeii

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Glassmaker’s Daughter

The tale is set in Venice which is famous for blown glass art since the 13th century.  It is about Daniela the glassmaker’s daughter who never smiles. Her father offers a glass palace to anyone who can make her laugh, but no one succeeds.

In the end, Daniela discovers that happiness comes from within!

A beautifully illustrated book with actual sparkle!

Glassmaker's Daughter

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A Thousand Glass Flowers

Growing up on Murano Island near Venice, Marietta dreamed of crafting glass like her father. But women weren’t allowed to do Glass work in those days.

Despite challenges, she mastered the art and created her unique glass beads known as Rosette and left a mark on glasswork for centuries to come.

A Thousand Glass Flowers: Marietta Barovier and the Invention of the Rosetta Bead

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The Matchbox dairy

This book is not really about Italy but about a Family who immigrated from Italy to America in search of a better life! A GrandFather explains the main events of his life through the matchboxes to his granddaughter.

Famous Persons from Italy

These books intricately capture the lives and legacies of notable individuals from Italy. They offer a window into the journey from childhood to the pinnacle of achievement, showcasing more than just their accomplishments.

Who Was Marco Polo? | Who was Michelangelo? | Maria Montessori  | I, Vivaldi | I, Galileo | I am Leonardo da Vinci

Among these, Da Vinci’s book stands out, especially with his masterpieces gracing numerous significant cities across Italy. It’s my top pick from this collection.

Books about Popular Italian Foods

Tony’s Bread

A Folktake of how panettone (The Italian Christmas Bread) was developed! It is perfect for the holidays as well! Kids will love to have a take of the bread after the story!


Tony's Bread (Paperstar Book)

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Pizza!: A Slice of History

If you have ever wondered who made the first pizza, read this book. From its humble beginnings in Italy to its worldwide popularity today, readers will have a mouthwatering journey through the world of pizza.


Pizza!: A Slice of History

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Little Book of Pasta

Little Book of Pasta Board Book for Babies and Toddlers about Shapes Read with Phonics and Rhymes Baby Book 0-12 Months Toddler Book Ages 1-4

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Strega Nona

This folk tale unfolds the story of a witch who cooks her recipes in a magical pasta bowl and what happens when it falls into the hands of an eager helper.

Check out the Read aloud of Strega Nona

Accompanied by a CD, children will delight in singing along to the repetitive and charming song with this timeless tale.

Strega Nona (A Strega Nona Book)

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So there are more than 30 Italy books for kids! Did you find the one for your child or student?

If you have any other great recommendations for children’s books set in Italy or about Italian culture, Let us know so we can add them to this list for others to read!

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Italy books for kids

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