Fall Leaf Red Squirrel

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How to make a Red Squirrel Craft with Fall leaves?

This Fall leaf Red Squirrel craft is the perfect way to get creative with nature’s most Beautiful craft supply.

Fall leaves are available almost everywhere if you are living in the northern hemisphere. There are many ways to use Fall leaves for Crafts and home decors.

We made this Fall Animal Craft using the Red Fall leaves from a Cherry Tree.

fall leaf squirrel craft

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Fall leaf Red Squirrel Craft

The Red squirrels are reddish-brown in colour and have a Beautiful Bushy Tail. These two reasons make it a perfect selection to do a Squirrell fall leaf craft.

It takes around 10 minutes to complete and is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. So Let’s get started.

 Things needed

This Squirrel craft can be made entirely from things around the house.


First, draw a Red squirrel on the cardboard Sheet with a pencil and then Mark the lines with a Bold marker.

The cardboard sheet which I have chosen is 40 cm long. If you have collected tiny leaves, you can do this craft onanA4 paper.

fall leaves and cardboard squirrel

Next, we need to prepare the leaves for the craft; cut away the petioles of all the leaves with a Scissor. Again, kids can do this job easily.

fall leaf craft preparation to make squirrel art

Now it’s time to start the craft. Tell the child to apply the glue and add the leaves one by one on the tail part. Give instructions to the child to arrange the leaves within the boundaries.

Stick the leaves using paper glue

The child can easily finish this craft with minimum help.

The leaves should stick well with paper stick glue, but you can also use white glue, which will be even easier for the kids.

You can Paint the squirrel with a Reddish-brown colour; We decided to leave the squirrel as is, and it looked so lovely.

Squirrel craft with fall leaf idea

That’s all you need to do to make a fall leaf craft. It hardly takes 15 minutes.

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What happens when the leaf withers?

Dried fall leaves

The leaves started to wither after two days, and within a week, they were like as in the image above. They stayed the same for few more days after that. But at a point in time, they started to Peel off from the base and started breaking everywhere.

If you would like to avoid the leaves withering,  you need to do some steps to preserve the fall leaves. Here is an article on how to preserve fall leaves.  It explains 6 Easy methods; we are yet to try them.

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Squirrel craft made with fall leaf

I have compiled some interesting information about these little Red Squirrels, which you can use to teach kids while doing this craft.

Red Squirrel Facts for Kids

  • The Red squirrels are native to the UK and are commonly found in Eurasia.
  • They have Reddish Brown Fur and an extremely bushy tail.
  • The long tail helps it to balance and drive while running along branches.
  • The bushy tail keeps the animal warm during sleep
  • The average body-head length is 20cm.
  • The red squirrel can swim.
  • Red squirrels shed their coat twice a year. In summer, they have a thin coat, while they have a thick, darker coat in winter.
  • The red Squirrel eats Seeds, Nuts, Fungi, berries and young shoots.

red squirrel facts for kids

The Red squirrels must be kept separate from grey squirrels to preserve the species. This is because the Grey squirrel carries a virus that can kill the Red squirrels, but not the grey ones.

Source: Wikipedia 

Squirrels are considered Fall animals as they are very active during Fall, collecting food, storing it and preparing for the winter seasons.

So why not make this Fall Leaf Red Squirrel craft with your child?

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