DIY Twig Wreath

If you would like to make a wreath for Christmas, but don’t like to spend much time and money, then why not make a twig wreath like this? It’s easy to DIY!

twig wreath

We always have a good supply of twigs and pinecones at home, because my daughter collects a lot during the fall. Thus, I decided to make use of them to make some decors for this Christmas.

Things needed

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  1. Thin twigs
  2. Cardboard sheet
  3. Cutter and cutting mat
  4. Hot glue gun
  5. Red lace to make a bow
  6. Glitter thermocol balls

How to diy a Twig wreath?

Without a doubt, It is so simple to make and doesn’t even need to be shown how.  But I have added a few pictures and a couple of tips as well.

Begin by breaking the thin twigs into small ones of length 4 to 7cm. We might need around 80 pieces.

small twigs


ring cardboard to make twig wreath

Next, make a base ring like this out of cardboard. You need to mark the circles on cardboard and cut it out using a cutter.

Our ring approximately measures 20cm.

sticking twig on cardboard

The next step is sticking the twigs one by one over the base. For that, you need to apply hot glue gun and quickly add the twigs around the ring.

twig wreath in progress

Here are some progress photos. Make sure that the distance between the twigs is uniform.

wreath made of sticks

It will take a maximum of 10 mins to complete it.

A part of this job was done by my 3-year-old daughter.  Actually, We never allow her when a project involves Hot glue gun. But she badly wanted to do add twigs on the base and I taught her to do it carefully.

Twig wreath with red ribbon bow

Finally, give some finishing touches and complete the wreath.

We added a red bow and some glittery balls and we loved how this Diy twig wreath turned out!

Besides,  I am planning to make a Twig Christmas tree as well.  Decors made of twigs are beautiful and gives a natural vibe!

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