Fall Leaf Durga craft

All activities should be supervised by an adult. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This post may contain affiliate links.

Fall is in the air; pick some colourful fall leaves and make this Beautiful Fall leaf Durga craft with your Kids. This is a perfect craft to do during Navrathri/Durga puja.

Fall leaf projects

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Who is Durga?

For those, who are hearing this Name for the First time, Durga is one of the Major Deities of Hinduism. According to Hindus, she is the protective mother of the universe. Durga Pooja/ Navarathri is a 10 Day Festival of India where nine forms of Durga is Worshipped.

Fall Leaf Durga Craft

We made this last-minute craft during the Final day of Navrathri; it is so simple as you see. I have shared a few pictures and some tips and tricks to make this fall leaf project.

Thinks needed

  • Printable Template
  • Paper Glue Stick (Optional)
  • Ornaments, beads, Pearls (Optional)


Collect the leaves

Collecting leaves is an enjoyable task; kids love to go outdoors and pick twigs, leaves and acorns. For this craft, We need around 15 leaves the size of your child’s palm. The smaller, the better. Although we did with Red leaves, Yellow leaves would have been much more perfect for making this crown. So I suggest Picking Yellow or even Orange.

Print the template: 

Download the free template at the end of the post. Print it on A4 or Us letter size by choosing the “fit” option while printing.

Durga drawing free printable

Cut and Arrange the leaves:

First, Cutaway the petioles and start arranging the leaves from the top of the crown. If the leaves you have are big, cut them into parts (as we did) and place them.

Fall leaf crown project

Did we use Glue to stick them? No, not on this Project. But Usually, we use a generous amount of Paper glue to add the leaves; check out our Fall leaf squirrel, which we made on cardboard using Glue.

The addons

You can add beads and Pearls to the crown, necklace and earrings. My daughter did this final look with Random jewels at home, and I think it turned out adorable. What’s your thought? Let me know in the comments section.

Fall leaf durga craft for kids

You can use my template to do this Durga craft with any other material you find at home, like pulses, orange peels, carrot peels, etc. Just a few ideas, Be creative and have fun!  Do share your Project with me on Instagram; I would love to see your work.

You can also use this Durga printable just as a colouring page. You can download it by clicking on the button below.Click to download button

A gentle reminder; The printable is only for personal use; please not share it with others. Instead, please direct them to my website.

Check out this Learning Pack about the 9 Forms of Durga

9 forms of Durga printable

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