Fall Pattern Block Mats

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7 Free Printable Fall Pattern block mats

Here are the best Fall-themed Pattern block Mats for Kids to get into the spirit of the fall season. Built a pumpkin, apple, Scarecrow, Hedgehog and more with these free printables.

Free printable fall pattern block mats

This post contains affiliate links, meaning that I will be compensated if you click through and take action at no additional cost. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

What are Pattern Blocks?

Pattern blocks are small wooden pieces made of either Wood or Plastic. Usually, it comes in these standard shapes and colours.

  • Yellow Hexagon
  • Red Trapezoid
  • Blue Rhombus
  • White Rhombus
  • Orange Square
  • Green triangle

I recommend you to buy only a set that contains the mentioned colours and shapes because most of the pattern block printable activities on the internet are created as per this Standard.

We have Wooden Pattern blocks from Mellissa and Doug, and I also created this printable based on this Set.

What are the Benefits?

The Pattern blocks offer a variety of learning opportunities for young kids.

It helps kids get familiar with shapes And develops spatial skills, Problem-solving skills, Fine motor skills, visual discrimination skills, and so on.

What’s in the Fall Pattern block mats pack?

Fall pattern block printables

The free printable pack contains eight printable pages, and The pattern comes in Black Outlines. Here is a list of all fall Patterns in the printable.

  1. Rake
  2. Apple
  3. Pumpkin
  4. Scarecrow
  5. Hedgehog
  6. Owl
  7. Maple leaf

Apart from these mats, the printable also includes a Counting block printable. This is for the child to count and write each pattern block used to create the pattern.


Download these mats, Print them and start playing right away. Yes, these are no-prep activities. You can also laminate them, But it is not recommended for home use as it will last several times before moving to the next theme activity.

However, if you use them in a classroom setup, you should laminate them for multiple usages.

Maple leaf pattern block mat with counting activity

Besides, I have added two add-ons, a spinner and a Counting block, on the last page. You need to Laminate this page if you are planning to use this. Let me tell you what are these for and how to use them in the next section.

How to use these Mats?

Place the Pattern blocks in a container, give them one of these mats and ask them to start building.

The child recognises the shapes and places the pattern blocks directly on the mat. Older kids can also recreate it on a table using this mat as a visual guide.

Count and Write mat: Once the pattern is made, Kids can count the number of each type of block and write it in the Count and write Mat. We will be using the same laminated counting mat for all the pages. Use dry erase marker for writing tasks.

Fall pattern block mats with spinner and counting mat

Spinner mat: This is a circular mat with all six types of tiles arrange radically. We need a spinner on the mat to enjoy a fun two-player game(But we have used a safety pin, It works)

Kids take turns,  spin it and cover the corresponding shape on the mat. The game continues until the pattern is complete; whoever filled the most blocks is the winner.

You can see all the seven Fall patterns created in this Time-lapse video.

These mats are a fantastic way to work on various early learning skills. By the way, we are using Pattern block mats from Mellisa and dough. We love the quality of the tiles and the wooden tray that came along.

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pattern block hedgehog, maple leaf, apple, pumpkin, rake

Are you looking for more pattern block mats?

Love them? I made another pack like this in the Summer theme. These Summer mats were a big hit, and thus I created another similar freebie,  Fall Pattern Block mats. I am also planning to make it for winter and spring too. 

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How to download this free printable?

To receive your Fall pattern blocks right in your inbox, Please enter your details in the form below. I will send all the pages listed above in one PDF file to download and print.

Please note that the Printable is for personal or classroom use only. If you have a family or friend who would like this, please send them over to this post to download their copy.

Did this child enjoy this activity? What else would you like to see from Little Ladoo? Let me know in the comments section.


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