Fall Leaf Alphabet matching

Alphabet matching activity for Toddlers with Fall Leaves

Looking for ideas to use the vibrant fall leaves to make activities for your toddlers? Try this Fall leaf Alphabet matching activity.

This activity is so easy to create and the child will love to match alphabet leaves on their place in the cardboard.

fall leaf alphabet match

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Fall leaf Alphabet Matching Activity

Kids start learning the Alphabet with ease when they are exposed to a variety of learning methods. Apart from teaching with Posters, Flashcards and books,  Another effective way to learn alphabets are through hands-on activities.

So If your toddler doesn’t show interest in Alphabets, you need to try this hands-on activity. It help kids with letter recognition in an effortless way.

Things needed to set up this activity

You literally need nothing more than a cardboard sheet and a Marker pen to make this activity. Let the child gather some Fall leaves from around. We need exactly 26 leaves and they can also be in different sizes, colours and shapes.

toddler collecting fall leaves

We have collected some Palm-sized leaves from the cherry tree from our street. Ours are Reddish-brown leaves. If you could fetch yellow colour leaves, that would be even more effective. Because the Alphabets would be clearly visible on the yellow leaves.

Hove to make a Fall leaf Alphabet matching game

What is your child currently practising? Uppercase or Lower case? Or both? You can create this matching game in Whichever way you need to make it challenging for your child.

We did uppercase to uppercase Alphabet matching. So here is how to set it up.

First, Let’s start by preparing a leaf template out of cardboard. Use a leaf as a reference to draw it and cut it out using a cutter.

leaf template

Now you can use the cardboard template to draw outlines of 26 leaves on the cardboard base. Just draw them randomly on one or more sheets of cardboard. Also, fill each leaf on the Cardboard with letters randomly or in order.

cardboard base for alphabet game

The next step is to write the letters on the leaf. A bold marker would be perfect. As you see in the image below, the letters in orange leaves can be seen easily and will be easy for the child to identify. So go for Yellow or Orange Fall leaves to create this activity. 

fall leaf alphabets

We used three sheets of cardboard and have written letters in order. The activity is ready! Place the Leaves next to the board or in a tray and let the child match them up.

Fall leaf alphabet matching game

To make the activity more interesting, hide the leaves all around the house and let the child hunt the treasure and put it in the right place on the cardboard.

Did this like this idea? Let me know in the comments section.

Please share it with your friends who are teaching Alphabets to their children.

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