Easy Corn craft

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Grab a handful of corn kernels and some glue because we have a wonderful Corn Craft idea for kids. This is a Super Easy corn craft to do during Thanksgiving week!

Kids will love to make the craft and display it on the wall.

craft with corn kernels

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Easy corn craft for kids

It is a very easy project that will take just 5 to 10 minutes. All you need is the Printable, A dab of glue, scissors and a handful of corn kernels. That’s it.

We have actually made a template for the craft, but it is not necessary that you need it as it is very easy to draw.

In case if you would like to download it, then the download link is available at the end of the post.

Directions to make the Corn Craft

The downloaded template has a corn clipart that looks like this in the picture below. Cut out the lower part along the line and also cut the two leaves out before giving the sheet to your child.

corn craft template

Place the Kernels on a tray and give instruction to your child to stick the corn over the yellow part of the paper.

Scroll down to see some of the pictures of my 3-year-old creating her corn art.

White glue on corn printable

We used white glue. You just need a generous amount of glue so that the corn kernels will stick perfectly. Yes, corn sticks well with just white glue.

Easy corn kernel craft

Once this is done, let’s stick the green leaves over the black outline space below the corn.

Corn kernel craft printable

A densely and uniformly arranged corn can look more adorable, However, I did not want to intrude on what she wanted to craft and just love the way did it. So this is the final output. We wrote her name and displayed it on the wall.

Corn craft and corn kernels

This is one of the first crafts that my daughter did without any help from us. She loved crafting corn, which is her favourite thing to eat in the fall season!

So just try this easy corn craft idea and let me know how it came out.

Happy crafting!

Download the Template

If you would like to get the Corn template, Please click on the button below.


Or else save this Easy corn craft for later.

Free printable corn craft template

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