Santa Roll and Cut game

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Are you Looking for some fun Math games for your preschooler? This Santa Roll and Cut Game is a very easy Prep Game that you can make for Kids to practice Number recognition and  Counting. It also helps with fine motor skills.

Santa Roll and Cut game for Christmas

This post contains affiliate links.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Santa Roll and Cut Game

Roll and Cut games and Simple dice games and Very similar to popular Roll and cover games. The only difference is Kids cut instead of Covering the numbers. In this blog, I will show you how to make this east cardboard game in less than 10 mins and how to Play.

Things you will need

  • A cardboard sheet
  • Pen and Colours to draw Santa
  • White Paper strips
  • Glue
  • Scissor
  • Manipulatives like Coins, buttons or blocks

How to make this Roll and Cut game?

Draw a Santa on a Piece of Cardboard; colour it red/ white.

Santa Cardboard Math game

Take thin strips of paper (about 1 cm wide) and make small loops. An easy peasy way to cut the paper strips is to use a paper trimmer.

Paper loops for Santa beard

I used the Cutout (Waste) paper strips gathered while making Flashcards. We always Store these long white paper strips from Flashcards, fact cards, etc. and store them to make for other projects. Here is another project where we used these paper strips. Ocean Creatures Scissor skills.

Apply Glue over the Beard and Stick the loops. The game is almost ready. Finally, Write Numbers 1 to 6 on the Loops Randomly.

Loops on the santa beard

How to Play the Roll and Cut Game?

This is an interesting 2 or 3 player game. First, gather some manipulatives like Coins or Block to use as a reward.

Let’s start the game. Roll the dice and find a matching number to cut. Take turns and Cut. Foe each cut, you will take a Block as a reward. The game is over when all the loops are cut.

Roll and play dice game

Whoever has the most number of blocks at the end of the game is the Winner.

This game works well as an independent activity as well.  Your child can roll the die and Cut. When they cut all the numbers, the game is over.

Here is a video showing How to make this “Santa Rolla and Cut game” and How we played the game.

My Little one enjoyed the game, and I am sure she will like more such games. I have a lot of ideas and planning to make one or two from the following list. I will upload photos when done!

Christmas Roll and Cut Game Ideas 

  • Christmas tree with green loops
  • Wreath with green loops
  • A Big Size Ornament with Colourful loops
  • Angel with White circles on her wings

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