Fork Painted X-Mas Tree Craft

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We love this fork-painted X-mas Tree craft!  It is so easy to create and is a fun Christmas project for Kids of all ages.

Process art is an enjoyable creative process and always creates stunning results. And this Christmas Tree art is no Exemption! So grab some forks and get crafty!


Fork Painted X-Mas Tree Craft

Kids love Painting with Forks! And fork is a great tool to create the Pine needle Texture of the Christmas tree!

Although you can make this easy Process art without a Template, I have created a template that is very helpful for the little kids to do the project without help. You can download it at the end of the Blog.

Things Needed

I love that this Christmas tree craft only requires a few materials.

  • X-Mas tree template
  • Cardstock Paper
  • Paint
  • Fork

Directions to make a Fork-Painted X-mas tree

Download the x-Mas tree template at the end of the post and print it on cardstock! The Template is perfect for little kids to stay within line and make the tree art!

Dip the Fork in Green paint and place it over the Paper within the outline.

Repeat the process to make a Christmas tree.

You can also use different shades of Green to make the tree more Pretty!

Let’s add a Star on the Top. Paint the Star yellow with a brush or a Q-Tip.

Make ornaments using Q-Tips. We used Puffy paint to make the Ornaments! You can also add Glitter for Sparkling Effect!

That’s all. Your Christmas tree is ready!  Wasn’t it Easy?

It is the perfect Christmas process art activity to do with your students/ Kids this Holiday!

The fork makes a pretty effect on the Branches of the  Pine tree! You can use this simple technique to paint Winter landscapes as well.

Want to save it for Later? Pin this image for later.

Download the X-Mas Tree Template

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