Totem Pole Craft

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This Totem Pole craft is a fun and unique craft to do with your kids!  This project is a bit more involved than some of the others, but it’s well worth the effort.

Plus, Kids can learn a bit about the history and symbolism of totem poles along the way. Ready to get started? Keep reading for instructions on how to make your own totem pole.

Totem Pole craft

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What is a Totem Pole?

I am sure you would have seen a Totem pole, but you aren’t familiar with the Name. A totem pole is a tall, wooden sculpture that is often used to commemorate important people or events in a community.

Totem Poles

  • Totems are usually carved out of one piece of wood
  • They can be quite elaborate and colourful.
  • They are an important part of Native American culture.
  • Black, red, white and blue-green were the main colours of paint used on totem poles.
  • Most totem poles stand between 3 to 18 metres tall

Learn more about Totem Poles

Now let’s make a Totem pole using a Cardboard Paper roll!

Easy Totem Pole Craft with Paper Roll

Paper rolls are a great material for crafting. They are sturdy and easy to work with, and you can use them to make all sorts of things. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make a Totem Pole using cardboard tubes. Let’s get started!

Things Needed

  • Paper Rolls
  • Sharpie Marker Pens
  • Scissors

Directions to make a Totem Pole Craft

Begin by cutting the Paper roll as in the picture below. For this, you need to Press the Tissue roll and Flatten it. Then make the cuts.


Totem Pole craft cutting Instruction

When you cut it the way shown in the above graphics,  you will get a Totem base as in the image below.

Draw your Details with reference to a Totem Pole picture from the internet.

Use a Sharpie Black Marken to draw on the lines.

Totem Pole craft with TP roll

Now colour the Features. Here, I have used many colours! But the Totem poles are generally found only in 4 major colours – Black, red, white and blue-green.

Your Totem pole is Ready for Display!  Your kids will love seeing their creations displayed in your home or garden.

Make this craft as part of your North American Natives Unit Study.

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Totem Pole craft for kids

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