Handprint Christmas Tree

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Handprint Christmas tree Craft is a fun and easy way to celebrate the holidays with kids. They are a great keepsake that will be cherished for years to come.

So gather your supplies, put on your creative thinking cap, and get ready to make some handprint Christmas magic!

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Handprint Christmas Tree craft

Things You will need to make Handprint Christmas Tree Craft

Step-by-Step Directions to Make Handprint Christmas Craft

Begin by outlining your child’s handprint on green cardstock and carefully cut it out.

Also, cut out a star measuring approximately 2 cm from gold glitter paper or opt for a yellow paper alternative.

For the tree’s stem, cut a rectangle or trapezium shape from brown craft paper.

Position the handprint with fingers facing downward. Affix the star at the top and attach the brown paper piece to the bottom centre.

handprint Craft in green

Next, we will mark lines for the decorative string. Create a guideline with a pencil and adorn the remaining space with small patterns resembling needles.

Utilize various shades of green markers or coloured pencils.

Making the Christmas tree

Secure the thread along the marked lines using white masking tape on the rear side of the Tree.

Making the Strings of the Christmas tree

Therefore, three or four diagonal threads will be sufficient. Additionally, it’s worth noting that this handprint belongs to our six-year-old daughter.

Making the Strings of the Christmas tree

To add a finishing touch, use gold 3D Puffly paint or decorative stones.

Alternatively, consider small pom-poms or beads for added flair.

Decorating the christmas tree craft

Allow it to dry for a while. Your handprint trees are now ready for display!

Easy Christmas tree craft for kids

Repeat the process to create as many trees as needed.

You can also craft a family tree by having each family member create their own tree and inscribe their name on it.

This delightful tradition will add a special touch to your Christmas celebrations.

Handprint Christmas Tree craft

Pin one of these images on your Pinterest boards for a quick glance!

You may also enjoy the Handprint Reindeer craft that we created a few years ago; looking at the craft now makes me realize how much my little one has grown.

These Christmas crafts make for wonderful keepsakes!

Handprint Christmas Tree craft

Christmas Handprint Art Pack

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