Torn Paper Christmas Tree Craft

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The Christmas tree holds a special place in our hearts during the holiday season. While they weren’t a part of my childhood traditions, they have become a cherished element in the last three years.

We eagerly set up our tree on the First week of December, coinciding with the start of our advent calendar festivities.

Alongside the traditional tree setup, we also enjoy engaging in Christmas tree crafts.

Presenting a lovely addition to your festive decor is our beautiful Torn paper Christmas Tree craft, crafted using our free printable X-mas tree template!

Torn Paper Christmas Tree Craft

Things you need to make the Torn Paper Christmas Tree Craft

Directions to make the Torn Paper X-Mas Tree Craft

First, tear Cardstock paper into small bits (approx 1 cm) for the torn paper craft. We always opt for Cardstock paper due to its thickness, providing a lovely texture at the torn edges.

For this craft we need Yello, Green and Brown.

Tearing yelllow Paper for Torn Paper Craft

Download the Free Christmas Tree Template and Print it on a Thick sheet. We have used 120GSM printing paper for this Craft.

Free Christmas Tree Template

Let’s begin with the green section. Apply glue to all areas of the tree branches and start adhering the Torn Green pieces until all sections are covered.

For an attractive effect, you can use different shades of green.

Christmas Tree Craft

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Once the green section is complete, repeat the same process for the stem. Start the section with brown and yellow torn papers, respectively.

Christmas tree craft

After completing the craft, allow it to dry for 5 minutes, and then use a pair of scissors to cut out the tree.

Thanks to the use of cardstock paper over a thick base, this craft is quite sturdy. Use this Christmas Tree Creation to showcase or decorate your festive space.

Christmas tree Preschool Craft

More Ideas with the Christmas Tree Template

More Crafting inspirations that you can do with the same Christmas tree.

  • Make Christmas tree with fork Painting
  • Make a crumbled paper Craft
  • Use the Actual Needles of a Pine Tree to make this craft.

Torn Paper Christmas Tree Craft

Make a Christmas Nativity Scene

Bring the essence of Christmas into your home with our  Nativity Scene Printable.

This beautifully detailed digital download captures the timeless charm of the nativity story, providing a heartwarming addition to festivities.

Nativity printable

Get the Nativity Scene Printable

Download the Christmas Tree Template

The Christmas tree template is part of a pack along with 6 other Christmas templates.  Visit the Free Christmas Template blog to Download it for Free!

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