7 Free Printable Christmas Templates

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The holiday season is approaching! It’s the perfect time to engage in delightful Christmas crafting with Kids. Here we have 7 Free printable Christmas templates to explore the Joy of making adorable Christmas crafts.

We absolutely adore these templates, They are a perfect fit for various arts and crafts projects for kids.

Explore More engaging Christmas Activities for Kids; there’s an abundance of time to keep them entertained and in high spirits. Let the festive crafting and activities begin!

Free Printable Christmas Templates

Free Printable Christmas Templates

There are 7 Unique templates in the Free Printable pack and Each one has thick outlines Perfect for various Kids’ projects!

I’ve shared a craft idea for each template, totalling seven. Feel free to use any or all of these ideas with the templates as you see fit.

To download all the pages as a pack go to the end of the post to sign up and receive it in your mail.


Christmas Wreath Printable Template

Use the Wreath Template to craft a stunning wreath and proudly display it at your house’s entrance.

Once the crafting is finished, carefully cut out the wreath and affix it onto a paper plate to enhance thickness and stability. This simple step ensures your wreath maintains a sturdy and well-supported presence.

Christmas wreath craft template

Enhance your home’s decor with this easy yet effective technique, creating a welcoming and festive atmosphere at your entrance.

Candy Cane Printable Template

Try this fun candy Cane idea: Use a red dot dauber to fill the alternate sections of the template, then carefully cut it out to create a charming 20cm candy cane. Make many canes and make a candy cane garland for Christmas

Candy cane Free craft template printable

Christmas present Printable Template

The present template with multiple chambers is perfect for the use of numerous colours. Make a vibrant Present craft by filling the sections with colourful torn paper. This festive craft brightens the holiday season!

Christmas Present Free printable

Christmas Stockings Printable Template

Every child can personalize their stockings by writing their name on them. Once done, kids can joyfully display these on bulletin boards in classrooms or at home. It’s a delightful and fun activity for all!

Christmas Stocking Printable Template

Christmas Tree Printable Template

The most beloved Christmas craft for kids is crafting Christmas trees! Utilize this template to design some exceptionally cool and creative Christmas trees.

Here’s a fantastic idea: gather pine needles and creatively stick them on a tree template, crafting a beautiful craft from natural materials. Embrace the beauty of nature in your holiday crafting for a unique and eco-friendly touch.

Christmas tree printable template

Santa Hat Printable Template

Create a stylish Santa hat craft by using Q-tips for painting, a technique known as Pointillism that enhances fine motor skills. After painting, carefully cut out the hat shape, attach a paper strip around it, and transform it into a charming Santa headband.

Santa hat Craft template

Christmas Ornament Printable Template

Craft a vibrant and beautiful Christmas ornament using crumpled paper! These delightful creations can be hung on your Christmas tree, adding a touch of beauty and charm.

Christmas Ornament Printable template

Transform your home into a festive wonderland by using these templates to craft unique Christmas decorations!

Christmas Craft ideas for kids

To make the most of these templates with kids, check out seven different craft ideas that can be done with kids using these templates.

  • Make Torn papercraft
  • Make Crumbled Paper Craft
  • Use as colouring sheets
  • Use Dot daubers on the templates
  • Paint with q tips ( Pointillism art)
  • Use things in Nature (Leaf, twigs, Pine needles)
  • Use as Templates to cut Paper pieces for Craft

More Christmas Crafts for Kids

Free Printable Christmas Templates

Download the Christmas Craft Templates


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