Nativity Finger Puppets Printable

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Make your holiday celebrations come alive with the Nativity Finger Puppets, perfect for interactive storytelling and festive fun

This charming set of Eleven Christmas finger puppets includes – Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, three Wise men, an angel, a shepherd, a sheep, a camel and a donkey.

Engage in a fantastic Religious Christmas Craft suitable for kids to create independently.

Make this holiday season a hands-on and memorable celebration of the true Christmas spirit!

Nativity Finger Puppets Printable

Crafting your own Nativity scene has never been easier. Simply cut along the lines, fold the flaps, and glue the pieces together.

It’s a fun and straightforward activity suitable for all ages, making it a perfect family or classroom project

Christmas Nativity Finger Puppets Printable

Things you’ll need to make the Christmas Finger Puppets

Watch a Video on How to make the Nativity Finger Puppets

How to make Nativity Finger Puppets Printable

Let me show you how to make them in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Print the Finger puppets Printable

Get the printable and print the pages you will need. The Nativity Finger Puppets Set comes complete with both pre-coloured and black-and-white templates, ensuring flexibility for your creative preferences.

Nativity finger puppet Printable template

Whether you prefer vibrant, ready-to-use puppets or an artistic touch with your own colouring, we’ve got you covered!

Nativity Finger Puppet printable

Step 2: Cut the Nativity Characters with the Flaps

Carefully cut out the characters along with flaps—there are a total of 11 pieces.

The characters of Nativity Set

Step 3: Stick the Flaps with Glue

Apply glue to one of the two flaps and affix the other over it to create a loop.

Making Baby jesus Finger puppet

For an optimal fit, measure the size of the loop on your finger before glueing.

Joseph, Mary and Baby jesus Finger puppet

Place the Nativity puppets on your fingers, and enjoy the retelling of the Christmas story. It’s an ideal way to breathe life into the Nativity story.

Finger puppet for kids

With this Printable template, you can make as many sets as you wish. Sharing these charming creations with family and friends would make them delightful little Christmas gifts!

Get the Nativity Finger puppets Printable


Don’t forget to explore our Nativity set printables, allowing you to craft the complete scene with the shed, Manger, and all the characters.

How to make Nativity FInger puppets


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