Torn Paper Ornament Craft

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The Torn Paper Christmas Ornament craft is the most vibrant one of all the Torn Paper Christmas crafts we made this week. They are incredibly easy to make and serve as the ideal preschool Christmas craft.

Tearing paper not only yields beautiful craft but also enhances fine motor skills!

Make sure to download the Free Ornament Template and create a ton of colourful ornaments in classrooms. These creations can be showcased as beautiful displays or decorations, instilling a festive spirit in children!

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Things you need to make the Torn Paper Ornament Craft

Directions to make the Torn Paper Ornament

Begin by tearing Cardstock paper into small bits (approx 1 cm) for the torn paper craft. We always opt for Cardstock paper due to its thickness, providing a lovely texture at the torn edges.

Furthermore, we exclusively utilize paper scraps from previous craft projects, offering a sustainable way to repurpose household waste papers.

Tearing Blue Paper for Craft

Next, print the ornament template on thick paper and arrange the torn papers that we prepared. A handful of each colour is all you need.

Ornament Template for Torn Paper Ornament Craft

Spread glue on a section of the ornament and proceed to layer torn paper over it, one piece at a time.

Aim to cover the entire section, and feel free to tear the paper into smaller pieces to fit any small gaps.

Sticking Torn Paper on the Template

Once one section is complete, replicate the process to fill the remaining sections.

Sticking Torn Paper on the Template

Opt for vibrant and contrasting colours to enhance the beauty of the end result.

Continue until all sections are covered!

Paper Ornament craft

Next, use scissors to precisely cut out the ornament from the paper.

The torn paper ornament is now ready!

Christmas ornament Craft

Create a Sparkling Ornament with Silver and Gold Tones Using Glitter Papers! These Crafts are pretty sturdy as we have used thick Torn papers over a thick sheet.

Simply add a thread at the top, and you can hang it on your Christmas tree. Children will delight in seeing their creations adorning the tree.

Torn Paper Christmas Ornament Craft

Crafting Inspiration: Explore Additional Ideas Using the Same Ornament Template

  • Use Crumbled Paper to cover the section of the ornament
  • Break/cut fall leaves into tiny pieces and stick them on the template
  • Simple use the Oramanet template as a colouring page
  • Make 6 to 10 Pieces of Ornaments and hand as a ornament Garland

Torn Paper Ornament Craft

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Download the Ornament Template

Ready to print the Ornament template for your crafting adventure? Visit the Free Christmas Template blog to download not only the Ornament template but also 6 other Christmas templates.

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