Torn Paper Rangoli Craft

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Rangoli is a Traditional Indian art form that involves creating intricate designs on the floor using powder! We have a Craft to introduce Kids to this Wonderful art – The Torn Paper Rangoli Craft.

It is also a fun and educational activity that can help kids develop their fine motor skills and creativity!

This cool craft captures the essence of colour, creativity, and tradition in a mesmerizing way. Download the Free Rangoli Template at the end of the post and get started!

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Torn Paper Rangoli Craft

Things you will need to make a Torn Paper Rangoli Craft

  • Rangoli Template
  • Card stock paper 4 to 5 colours of your choice
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Note: you can use construction paper as well instead of cardstock for this craft.

Watch Video Tutorial

Directions to make Torn Paper Rangoli Craft

To begin, tear the coloured cardstock paper into small pieces, each measuring approximately 1cm x 1cm, employing colours of your preference.

If you have leftovers from prior craft projects, they can be repurposed for this craft, providing an excellent opportunity to recycle those aged-coloured craft papers at your disposal.

Use 4 to 5 colours to make the Rangoli as much colourful as possible.

Torn Paper Yellow

Then download the template at the end of this post and print it on a sturdy Paper.

It is crucial to avoid using ordinary printing paper, as it may become damp and tear when adhesive is applied.

Once you have collected a colourful assortment of torn paper pieces, you are all set to commence your Rangoli craft.

Rangoli Template

Apply adhesive to one section of the rangoli template at a time, and commence affixing the torn paper pieces individually.

Sticking Torn Paper on Rangoli Template

Carry on with this process until every section of the rangoli is enveloped in torn paper, resulting in a splendid and vibrant creation.

Colourful Rangoli craft

If you’ve observed Rangoli’s design and the arrangement of colours, you’ll notice that they were crafted using the concept of radial symmetry.

This means that they feature repeating patterns radiating from a central axis, allowing them to be divided into multiple identical sections.

Upon the completion of your craftwork, carefully cut out the rangoli shape, and you will have an exquisite decoration ready for display.

Rangoli Craft

Do not hesitate to experiment with diverse colour combinations and craft more rangolis to infuse an extra dose of creativity and enjoyment into your crafting adventures!

You can also scale up the Rangoli Template, print it on a huge A2 Size sheet and make a Huge torn paper Rangoli craft for the entrance door, or Lobby or Courtyard!

This will turn out Fantastic!

Torn Paper Rangoli craft

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Download the Free Printable Rangoli Template


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