Torn Paper India Flag Craft

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Express Your Patriotism and Creativity with a Torn Paper India Flag Craft! 

The tricolour of the Indian flag holds profound significance, representing the essence of our nation’s unity and diversity. What if we could pay tribute to this emblem of pride in a creative way?

The art of crafting a Torn Paper India Flag allows us to do just that – infusing our patriotism with artistic expression. So Download your Free Indian flag template at the end of the post and Get started!

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Torn Paper India Flag Craft

Things you will need to make this Torn Paper India Flag Craft

  • Cardstock Paper in Orange, white and green
  • India Flag Template
  • India Falg Chakra Template
  • Glue

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The Perks of Opting for Cardstock Paper in Torn Paper Crafts

When it comes to torn paper crafts, my go-to choice is always cardstock paper.

Its thickness adds a delightful texture to the final creation.

In fact, many of our crafting projects revolve around cardstock, and the torn paper art offers a fantastic opportunity to put those spare coloured papers to good use.

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Directions to Make Torn Paper India Flag Craft

Start by downloading the India Flag Template provided at the end of this blog post. This template will serve as the foundation for your torn paper masterpiece.

India Flag Template

Begin tearing the cardstock paper into small pieces in the colours on the Flag.

Tear papers for Torn paper Craft

Apply glue to the respective areas on the flag template and start sticking the pieces one by one on the Template , allowing the edges to overlap organically.

Glue saffron Torn Papers

Remember that the torn edges are intentional. They symbolize the imperfections that make us unique as individuals and as a nation.

Stick Green Torn papers on the Flag

Continue sticking the pieces until the whole space is covers with torn paper. Orange at the top, white in the middle, and green at the bottom. 

India Flag torn paper art

Next, download the Chakra template (Also at the end of the post) print it and cut out a medium size chakra.

India Flag Chakra free printable

Glue the chakra at the Center and your India Flag is ready!

While crafting, engage in conversations about the significance of the flag’s colours, the Ashoka Chakra, and the values they embody.

Once your torn paper India flag is complete, display it with pride. Whether on your wall or as part of a larger patriotic display, your creation will evoke a sense of reverence and unity.

Torn Paper India Flag Craft

You can leave this craft as it is or cut the flag out of the Paper.

Torn Paper India Flag Craft

Crafting the Indian Flag with torn paper isn’t just an art project; it’s a meaningful work that connects you with the heart of your nation.

Ready to create a heartfelt tribute to your country with the Torn Paper India Flag Craft? Download the template at the end of the post and dive into a crafting journey right away!

Or Pin this image below to check back later.

How to make torn Paper India Flag Craft Step by Step

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Download the India Flag Template

To kickstart your Torn Paper India Flag craft, download the India Flag Template and the Chakra Template here.


India Flag Template


India Flag Chakra Template



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