India Flag Tricolour Paper Craft

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Are you familiar with creating an accordion fold? If so, crafting this India Flag Tricolour Paper Craft should be incredibly simple for you!

This creative craft, suitable for kids, can serve as wonderful wall decor for Republic Day or Independence Day in classrooms.

If you opt for a smaller size, it would make for a perfect Independence Day badge that kids will adore wearing.

This project is so Simple, and you can easily follow our step-by-step instructions and video tutorial.

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Indian Flag Tricolour Paper Craft

Things you will need to make the Tricolour Paper Craft

  • Origami Papers in Orange, White and Green
  • Indian Flag Chakra Template
  • Glue

There’s a specific motive behind my choice of origami paper! Origami paper is thin, making it simple to fold, and it’s ideal for creating this craft without the need for any cuts.

Naturally, you can achieve an identical outcome using construction paper as well.

Directions to make the India Flag Tricolour Paper Craft

Grab three origami papers in the colours orange, white, and green. Begin by folding each paper in half.

Tricolour Paper Craft

Now, initiate the process of creating accordion folds, with each fold being approximately 1cm in width.

Making an accordion fold is a simple task! Just fold the paper forwards and backwards alternately, and you’ll have it ready in a jiffy.

accordian folder papers

When you’re finished, unfold the paper and make a cut at the centre to create six separate accordion folds.

Cut the paper in half

Next, glue the ends of the 6 pieces together following the Chain of two oranges, one white, two greens, and finally another white.

You’ll now possess an elongated strip of tricolour folded paper.

Fold them all

Our next step is to adhere to the ends of the strip, forming a circular ring-like structure!

Make a Fan shape tricolour Craft

Tricolour paper craft

For the chakra design, you can either draw a 4cm chakra and affix it at the centre, or you can download our free printable chakra template located at the end of this post to assist in this craft.

The template features chakras in three sizes, and the medium-sized chakra, measuring 4cm, is the one to cut and affix.

Utilize tape to attach the chakra at the centre, and your craft will be ready for display.

Indian Flag Troicolour Paper craft

Make a Tricolour Badge for kids

With a slight modification, you can create a lovely badge for kids.

Adjust the accordion fold’s width to half (equivalent to 1/4th of the origami length) and reduce the fold to 0.5cm instead of 1cm.

This will yield a 10cm diameter circular badge, perfect for children to wear!

I hope you find this India Flag Tricolour Paper Craft appealing! Don’t hesitate to explore all our Indian Flag crafts and ideas.

Indian Flag Tricolour Paper Craft

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Download the India Flag Chakra Template


India Flag Chakra Template



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