Easy Cut and Paste India Flag { Free Template}

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There are a lot of Amazing ways to do India Flag Craft. For this one, we are keeping it simple with a Free Flag template – Easy Cut and Paste India Flag.

This craft is perfect to do at any time of the year or During India’s Independence Day week or Republic Day week.

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Cut and paste India Flag Craft

Things you need to make the Cut and Paste Indian Flag Craft

  • India Flag template
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Popsicle Stick (Optional)

Directions to make the India Flag Cut and Paste Craft

Kids can develop their scissors skills and fine motor skills with this activity. Give them the printed sheets and instruct them to complete the Flag.


Cut and Paste India Craft for kids

They cut the Pieces out precisely and paste them in their respective place.

Cut and paste India Flag Craft

While doing this activity you can teach the colours of the Flag. Remember, that the Top colour is not Orange, it should be labelled as saffron.

Cut and paste India Flag Craft

Kids can go wrong by switching the positions of Green and Saffron. One way to remember the order is by forming an acronym for the sequence. Just like the way we remember the colour of the rainbow with the VIBGYOR. So it is SWG.

You can also teach what each colour represents.

  • Saffron symbolizes courage and sacrifice.
  • White symbolizes peace and truth.
  • Green symbolizes faith and prosperity.

After completing the pasting, you have the option to cut the flag shape and affix it onto a Popsicle stick. This will result in a flag craft that kids can use for play!

Cut and paste India Flag Craft

India Flag Craft - Cut and paste Template

For Toddlers

For Kids less than 3 years old, Parents can cut the pieces out and help the little one glue the pieces on the right Spots. In this way, they get familiar with the National Flag of India.

The Cut-and-paste template is a freebie Which you can Download at the end of the post

India Flag Cut and paste craft (2)

Hope you found Easy Cut and Paste India Flag template helpful.  To do this project later, please pin an image to your Kid’s activity board.

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Download the India Flag Printable

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