Torn Paper Fall Tree Craft

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Unleash Creativity and Celebrate Autumn with a Torn Paper Fall Tree Craft

Kids love the Summer, they get to play outside and go on vacations. But the Summer passes on, giving way to the warm and cosy Autumn. So here is an idea for you to celebrate the new season and indulge your kids in the process.

The Torn Paper Fall Tree Craft – A super simple, engaging, and creative art that will kindle the artists in you and your child. 

Torn paper fall tree

Why Torn Paper Craft is fantastic for kids?

Torn paper crafts, apart from being very fun, also help step away from rules where the kids can explore freely with colours, shapes, and sizes. These Paper crafts are also known to: 

  • Improve fine motor skills.
  • Spark creativity and imagination.
  • Enhance focus and patience.
  • Eco-friendly and cost-effective.
  • Boost confidence in kids.

Whether you are a seasoned artist or a beginner, this art can be experimented with through many colours, textures, layers, etc. 

So get the kids and let’s get creating!

Things needed to make the Torn Paper Fall Tree Craft

Watch Video tutorial on how to make the Fall Tree Craft

Directions to make Fall Tree Craft

First, Gather red, yellow, and orange papers, and let your tearing skills shine! Tear the pieces into small bits, roughly around 1 centimetre in size. Don’t worry about precision—remember, the beauty of this craft lies in its organic and spontaneous nature.

Tearing paper for Torn paper Craft

To get started with the Torn Paper Fall Tree Craft, you’ll need a free tree template, which you can download for free at the end of the Blog post.

Once you have your template ready, the real fun begins.

Free tree template for Fall tree craft

With your torn paper palette ready, it’s time to assemble the fall tree. Apply glue generously to the tree template. 

Tree template for Torn paper craft

Start sticking the torn paper bits onto it. There’s no need to follow a specific pattern—let the colours blend and overlap as they please. 

Sticking Torn paper on the Fall tree

The randomness of the torn paper placement creates a mesmerizing mosaic effect, reflecting the natural disarray of leaves on a tree during the autumn season. 

Torn paper craft fall tree

One of the most significant advantages of the Torn Paper Fall Tree Craft is its accessibility to crafters of all ages. Children can enjoy this activity with minimal supervision, while adults can use it as an opportunity to bond with their little ones or even engage in a relaxing solo craft session.

Fall tree Craft

Additionally, this craft is an excellent way to promote eco-friendly practices, as it encourages the use of recycled paper or scraps, reducing waste and nurturing an environmentally conscious mindset.

Whether you display your masterpiece on the wall or use it as a lovely greeting card for a loved one, this torn paper craft will undoubtedly bring smiles and fond memories of the autumn season for years to come.

So, why wait? Grab those papers, tear away, and embark on a crafting adventure that captures the essence of autumn’s splendour. Happy crafting!

Torn paper fall Tree craft

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Enjoy making Fall tree Crafts with Kids!

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