Paper Plate Farm Craft

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Are you looking for a craft that promises to be unique, fascinating and fun all at once? Imagine bringing to life a pint-sized farm right on the canvas of a paper plate! Introducing the Paper Plate Farm Craft.

If you’ve tried our 3D diorama Summer craft project – the Paper Plate Beach Craft, you’re in for a treat as we dive into a new creation inspired by the harvest season!

And remember, our crafty adventures don’t stop here – be sure to explore all the other inspiring Paper plate craft ideas we have in store for you!

Easy 3D farm craft using paper plate

Things you will need to make this Paper Plate Farm Craft

Watch a Video Tutorial on how to make a Farm Craft

Step By Step Instruction to make Paper plate Farm Craft

Step 1: Create the Base

To start, roughly sketch the baselines on the paper plate, creating 5 to 6 partitions to colour different areas of the farm.

Utilize shades of blue to paint the pond, various hues of green for the fields and animal shed, and a warm brown for the central barn area – let your creativity flow as you craft your own unique version of a farm!

Painting the paper plate in green, blue and brown to make our farm craft

Step 2: Creating the Fence

Allow the painted plate to dry while we work on crafting a rustic straw fence. Cut the straw into small 2-inch pieces using a cutter and cutting mat, then use a hot glue gun to attach them vertically, forming a fence for the animal shed.

Making the fence of the farm

Step 3: Creating Barn and Hay bales

Now, the barn and some charming hay bales. Take a rectangular piece of red corrugated paper, approximately 16cm x 8cm, and fold it into a rectangle, securing the ends with glue.

Next, cut another piece of black corrugated paper to serve as the roof, placing it over the red base. Finally, make three cuts to fashion an openable barn door.

Making the barn of our farm craft using red and black colours

For the hay bales, roll and glue a thin strip of yellow corrugated paper to create 4 to 5 pieces.

Making hay bales from yellow paper for farm craft

Step 4: Final Touch

You can add further details on the paper plate like grass patterns drawn with a pencil or attach strips of green sheets.

adding green patches to our farm

With all the components ready, it’s time to assemble the farm. Glue  Use a glue gun to affix the Barn in place at one corner with Haybales around.

Fixing the hay and barn on the paper plate to completely set up our farm

Complete your farm by adding figurines of animals. There are various brands of farm animal figurines available, but we recommend using Animal figurines from My Learning Resource for this project – they’re perfect for the job.

Farm craft made using paper plate, with barns, fence, hay and animals

This project is perfect for children to craft and enjoy playing with afterwards! Children will delight in crafting their very own farm, complete with their favourite animals, fields they adore, and much more.

Farm craft with barns, animals, etc. made from paper plate

Remember, this project serves as inspiration, so feel free to get creative and incorporate different elements to make your farm unique.

Be sure to pin this step-by-step instruction of the Paper plate Farm for future reference or for a quick glance!

Step-by-step instructions to make paper plate farm craft

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