Torn Paper Heart Craft

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This Torn Paper Heart Craft is a fun project for kids of all ages. Even adults will enjoy making it!

This simple and heartfelt craft is sure to make any day brighter.

This marked our inaugural attempt at creating torn paper crafts, and we were smitten with the Result. Following this Easy Paper Heart Craft, we dove headfirst into crafting numerous Torn Paper Projects!

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Torn Paper crafts are one great way to recycle all those Paper Scraps from older Craft projects. Moreover, it helps kids with their Fine motor skills. It’s easy to make too

Things you’ll need to make Torn Paper Heart Craft

  • Heart Template
  • Paper Scrapes in different colours
  • Paper glue

Now Let me show you the instructions and some pictures of my daughter crafting it along with some tips and tricks.

Directions to make Torn Paper Heart Craft

Print out the Heart template. We have plenty of Hearts templates in different sizes. It is also available in Thin and bold lines.

For this project,  we have printed the large heart template with bold lines.

Now start tearing the scraps into small pieces. Each should be approximately 1cm to 2cm wide.

Now apply some glue on one part of the Heart template and add the pieces one by one. Continue the process until the entire heart is covered with colourful torn pieces.

You can creatively arrange the colour in the way that you want. We have made a rainbow heart.

Once finished, the torn paper heart is ready to give away as a unique gift or hang up as decor in your home. Let your creativity shine and put a little love into something special!

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More Heart Crafts for Kids

Love this Torn paper heart craft and want to try it with your child? Don’t let your great ideas get lost in the shuffle – pin them now for later! You can download the free Printable here along with 20+ Heart templates for kids


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