Lord Ganesh Cut and Paste Craft

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Lord Ganesha is one of the most beloved deities in Hinduism. He is known as the remover of obstacles and the patron of arts and sciences. He is also the god of wisdom, knowledge, and good luck.

To celebrate Lord Ganesha, let’s make a fun and easy Lord Ganesh Cut and Paste Craft. This craft is a great way to learn more about Lord Ganesha and to get creative.

Lord Ganesh Cut and Paste Craft

Things you will need to make this Ganesh Craft:

Watch the Video Tutorial on How to make a Cut and Paste Ganesh Craft

Directions to make your Cut and Paste Ganesh Craft

Crafting your own Lorn Ganesh masterpiece is a breeze when you have our printable template at your disposal. While kids of all ages can enjoy this activity, younger ones might need a helping hand with the cutting.

Step 1: Print the Lorn Ganesh Cut and Paste Template

Our template comes in two versions – one is pre-coloured for easy assembly, while the other is black and white, allowing children to personalize their own Lorn Ganesh with colours of their choice. For this guide, we’ll focus on the coloured version.

Lorn ganesh craft Template

To ensure the best results, we recommend using thick paper like cardstock (around 200 gsm) and high-quality printing settings.

Step 2: Cut Out the Pieces

With precision, cut along the template’s edges to separate all the pieces. Younger crafters might need some assistance during this step.

Cutting the Lord Ganesh Craft pieces Cutting the Lord Ganesh Craft pieces

Step 3: Assemble Your Lord Ganesh

Start by affixing the legs to the body, followed by the arms. Conclude by securing the majestic Lorn Ganesh elephant head onto the body.

For a delightful 3D touch, gently bend the arms and ears forward!

Lord Ganesh Cut and Paste Craft

Voila! You’ll have a captivating Lorn Ganesh Craft that’s approximately 15cm x 20 cm in size. This enchanting creation can adorn any room and become a source of pride for its creator.

Lord Ganesh Cut and Paste Craft

Get the Lord Ganesh Cut and Paste Craft Template


 Learn about Lord Ganesh

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Here are some Fun activities you can do with kids to learn more about the Obstacle remover.

  • Learn about the different attributes of Lord Ganesh.
  • Learn the  story of Lord Ganesh’s Birth
  • Sing a song about Lord Ganesh.
  • Understand the stories and myths associated with this beloved deity.
  • Enhance your knowledge of Lord Ganesh’s role in various traditions.

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How to make Lorn Ganesh Craft

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