Red Panda Cut and Paste Craft

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Are you learning about Red Pandas and want to add a fun activity to your unit’s curriculum? Try out this adorable Red Panda Cut and Paste Craft.

This adorable Red Panda Cut and Paste Craft template features a cute and cuddly Red panda that your child can easily Cut and Paste together.

Not only is this craft Fun and Entertaining for your child, but it also helps to develop their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and creativity.

If you are celebrating movie night while watching Kungfu Panda or Turning Red by Disney this might be a perfect addition.

Things you will need to make this Red Panda Craft

  • Red Panda Template – Purchase from our Shop
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Card Stock Paper ( Recommended for printing)

Watch the Video Tutorial on How to make a Red Panda Craft

Directions to make Red Panda Cut and Paste Craft

Making a Red Panda Cut and Paste Craft is a breeze with our Printable Template! This project is perfect for kids of all ages, but little ones might require assistance with cutting.

Step 1: Print the Red Panda Cut and Paste Template

Using thick sheets like cardstock is recommended for best results. We suggest using 200 gsm paper and high-quality printing settings.

Print the Red panda Template to cut and paste

Step 2: Cut the Pieces out

Carefully cut out all the pieces along the edges. Younger children may need some help at this stage.

Cut out the pices of Red panda Template

Step 3: Glue the Red Panda Pieces Together

Start by glueing the head onto the body, followed by the arms and tail. You can also add the tree branch and leaves, rolling the leaves slightly to create a 3D effect.

And voila! You’ll have an adorable Red Panda Craft that’s about 15 cm x 15cm in size.

Finished Red Panda Craft

It makes for a great decoration in a child’s room, and they’ll love showing off their creation!

Get the Red Panda Cut and Paste Template

Combine this Craft with learning facts about the cuddly creature.

10 Fascinating Facts about Red Pandas

  1. Red pandas are not related to giant pandas, and their closest living relatives are raccoons and weasels.
  2. They live in the Himalayas and southwestern China, in Bamboo Forests.
  3. Their diet consists mainly of bamboo, but they also eat fruit, insects, eggs, and small animals.
  4. Red pandas have a unique “false thumb” that helps them grasp bamboo and climb trees.
  5. They have thick, woolly coat that keeps them warm in their cold mountain habitat.
  6. Red pandas are solitary animals and communicate mainly through scent marking.
  7. Red pandas are endangered due to habitat loss, poaching, and climate change.
  8. Red pandas are often called “firefoxes” or “red cat-bears” due to their unique appearance.
  9. They have a playful and curious nature, and can often be seen rolling and tumbling around.
  10. They are skilled climbers and can descend trees headfirst.

Do you know that Some Red pandas also have grey or brown coats other than the distinctive reddish-brown coat?

Red Panda Books for kids

These Fiction and Non-fiction books are Perfect to add to your Panda Unit Study!

Video About Red Panda

Learn 30 facts about Red panda

Kids’ Movies that feature Red Panda

  • Disney’s Turning Red
  • Kungfu Panda – All three Movies.

I trust that these Red Panda suggestions were useful! If you’re eager to start creating this enjoyable cut-and-paste craft, go ahead and get printable.

Red Panda Cut and Paste Template

Take note that the Printable is available in two versions –

  • one is Precoloured, in which you can simply cut and paste,
  • The other is Black and White, where children can colour, cut, and paste to create the Red Panda.

You can save the images below by pinning them to revisit later when you want to do this craft.

Red Panda Cut and paste craft template - Black and white version


Red Panda Cut and paste craft template - colour version

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