Sparkler Firework Craft

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Create your own fireworks extravaganza that lasts all day with this Sparkler Firework Craft.

It’s a delightful and secure way for children to commemorate various occasions, ranging from Bonfire Night to New Year’s Eve.

Moreover, This fantastic craft can be enjoyed for a wide array of celebrations, including the Fourth of July and Diwali, the Festival of Lights.

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Sparkler firework Craft


Things you will need for the Sparkler Firework Craft

This simple and Creative sparkler craft is an ideal activity for kids, requiring only a handful of basic supplies!

Watch a video tutorial to learn how to create Sparkler Craft

Step-by-step instructions on making these Sparklers Craft

Begin by breaking the skewers in half, creating small 15 cm sparklers.

Preparing the skewers

Next, take three small rectangular pieces of crepe paper in yellow and orange, each measuring approximately 3cm x 10cm.

Ensure that you cut the crepe sheets with the longer side aligned parallel to the stripes of the crepe paper. This arrangement will result in a firmer sparkler.

Cutting the Crepe paper

Place these pieces on top of each other and then begin making small 2mm cuts along one of the shorter sides, being careful not to cut through the entire length. This will create a beautiful fringe, as depicted in the image.

This is an excellent way for kids to practice their scissors skills.

Crepe fringes for the sparkler craft

Afterwards, glue these crepe paper pieces together and then affix them to one end of the skewers, rolling them tightly. Proceed to glue the other end of the paper as well.

Sticking the crepe Fringes on the Skewers

Allow it to dry for a while, and then spread out the fringes.

Take a Rectangular piece of black Construction paper, approximately 3 cm x 12 cm. Apply white glue and wrap it around the stick.

Sticking the Sparkler

Leave it to dry, and your sparklers are all set to light up the night!

Sparkler firework Craft

Once your Sparkler firework is complete, you can use it to decorate your space, or even give it away as a gift with a card.

These make charming presents for children and are perfect for playful moments.

Create an array of colourful sparklers for them to select from, and most importantly, they are entirely safe for kids to enjoy!

Sparkler firework Craft

Variations of Sparkler Craft:

  1. You can make sparklers in different sizes, including larger 30-centimetre ones, by not breaking the sticks.
  2. To add an extra shimmering touch, you can opt for golden or silver glitter sheets, or you can even repurpose the aluminium foil you have on hand!
  3. Use a variety of colourful crepe papers to make beautiful vibrant Sparklers

Pin this step-by-step instruction to have a quick glance when needed.

how to make Sparkler firework Craft

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