Gaint Paper Lotus Craft

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This Gaint Paper Lotus is undeniably spectacular, making it a perfect choice for any DIY decoration project.

With our Free Lotus template, you can effortlessly create a similar paper Lotus on your own!

In this blog post, I’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of crafting these Paper Lotus Flowers, complete with images and a video tutorial. Additionally, you can download a free template at the end of the post. Let’s dive in!

Gaint Paper Lotus Craft

Things You Will Need to Create Giant Paper Lotus:

Watch a Video Tutorial on Crafting Giant Paper Lotus

This paper Lotus measures 35 centimetres in diameter. Creating the Lotus Pad will result in an even larger flower, measuring a substantial 45 centimetres – perfect for enhancing any decoration!

Directions for Crafting the Gaint Paper Lotus

This tutorial provides in-depth instructions accompanied by clear step-by-step illustrations. Despite the detailed guidance, each individual step is straightforward.

When you follow this tutorial using our Lotus Template and the specified materials, you’ll be able to create a Lotus flower that closely resembles ours.

How to make Lotus flower with Paper?

To ensure clarity, I’ve divided the crafting process into four convenient steps and have further elaborated on each step using 6 to 8 accompanying images in every section.

Let’s dive in.

Step 1: Cutting the Lotus Petals

  1. Begin by downloading the Lotus template provided at the end of this post and printing it out.
  2. Cut out the template pieces, resulting in three Lotus petal templates of different sizes, Let’s Name it Small, medium and large.
  3. The next step is to cut six petals using each template on pink cardstock paper. Take a template, and trace the outline onto the Pink cardstock paper.
  4.  Carefully cut out the Lotus Petal piece.
  5. Repeat this for all the petals.
  6. Totally there will be 6 Small petals, 6 medium petals and 6 Big petals.

Making the Paper petals for Gaint Lotus Craft

This Cutting Process may be time-consuming, as there are 18 petals to be cut Accurately. However, precision is key for uniformity, enhancing the flower’s beauty.

Step 2: Folding the Petals

With all the petals now cut and ready, let’s create the curved shape of the petals. This is easily achieved by sticking the cut at the bottom of each petal.

  1. Apply glue to one flap.
  2. Stick the other flap over it, creating a slight overlap.
  3. Hold it in place until it dries, or use a clothespin to secure it.
  4. Let the Petals Dry for a Minute or two
  5. Remove the clothespin you’ll reveal a stunning, gracefully curved 3D petal.
  6. Repeat this process for all the petals, and allow them to dry.

Making the Paper petals for Gaint Lotus Craft

Once these elegantly curved petals take their shape, they will remain permanently contoured and will not revert to their previous flat state.

Their durability and strength are very impressive, considering they are crafted from Cardstock paper.

Now that all the petals are ready, it’s time to move on to the next step.

Step 3: Preparing the Base for the Lous

We’ll need to prepare a base for the lotus.  Cut out a circular cardboard base approximately 18cm in diameter.

  • Take a Cardboard sheet and use a Circular plate (approximately 18cm a circle.
  • Cut the circle out using scissors or a Cutter on a cutting mat.
  • This serves as the base for the Lotus Flower

Cutting the Base for Lotus flower

  • Next, we will also cut the yellow centre part of the lotus
  • Cut out a 15cm circle from a corrugated yellow sheet.
  • Use a plate for marking and cutting.

Step 4: Affixing the Outer Petals to the Base

With the base and petals prepared, it’s time to begin working on the outer petals using a hot glue gun.

1. Apply a line of glue along a 7 cm length.
2. Take one of the larger petals and firmly press it onto the glue for 3 seconds.
3. Apply another line of glue adjacent to the first petal and attach the second petal.
4. Continue this process, adhering to the remaining petals in succession, working your way around the outer edge.
5. The final petal should be placed close to the first one, forming a complete ring of petals.
6. The outer petal arrangement for the lotus craft is now complete.

Gluing the Lotus petals on the Cardboard Base

Step 5: Affixing the inner Petals of the Gaint lotus

Create the inner petals in a similar fashion that you stick the outer petals.

  1. Apple Glue
  2. Affix the Petal over it.
  3. Continue forn=ming ring of medium sized petals/
  4. After completing meting, take the small Size petal and affix it inside.
  5. Create the innermost ring of petals.
  6. Affix the yellow circular base using Glue.

Gluing the lotus petals on the cardboard base

Your lotus flower is now complete. You may skip the next part, whicj ois completely optional – the crafting of lotus pad with paper.

Step 4: Making the Green Lotus Pad

The final step involves adding a green pad for the lotus. To achieve this, use green origami paper.

1. Take eight green sheets and cut them in half.
2. Fold each piece in a zigzag fashion along the shorter side.
3. Unfold the sheet.
4. Repeat the process for all the sheets.
5. Use glue to attach them together, forming a long chain of accordion folds.
6. Bring the folds together and glue them on either side.
7. Connect the ends to create a ring made of accordion folds.
8. Your lotus base is now ready!

Making the Paper Lotus Base

This accordion-folded ring serves as the lotus pad, and you can place the lotus flower on top to finish the craft. This ring makes it easy to position the lotus securely.

If you plan to decorate a wall with your lotus flowers, First attach the pad using tape at four or five points on the back, then affix the lotus flower.

Gaint Paper Lotus Craft



With two or three lotus flowers, you can create impressive wall decoration, or use them as elegant table centrepieces.

Don’t forget to download the Lotus Flower Template provided at the end of this post to make your crafting process even more convenient.

Paper Lotus Throne for Lord Ganesh

Lotus flowers hold unique significance and are revered in Hinduism for their auspicious nature.

They are often associated with Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha, making them an ideal choice for celebrations like Diwali or Ganesh Chaturthi.

You can make this lotus as part of pooja room Decoration or even make a Lotus throne for Lord Ganesh!

Diy lotus throne for Lord Ganesh

Enjoy your beautiful Gaint Paper Lotus craft!

If you’re interested in crafting smaller lotus flowers, be sure to check out our Mini Paper lotus flower craft tutorial!

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Download the Gaint Paper Lotus Craft Template


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