Paper Lotus Flower

How to Make a Stunning Paper Lotus Flower (with template)

This Paper Lotus is so Adorable and Super-Easy to make with our Printable Template. These would look great on a greeting card, a floral wreath or can also be Standalone decor. 

2 lotus with pad made with paper

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This little crafty project is suitable for Kindergarten Kids or elder ones. In this blog, You can find a Video tutorial, Step-by-step Instruction, and a Printable template to make your flower. 

So let’s get started. 

How to Make a Paper Lotus flower?

Begin by downloading the Paper Lotus template here. 

With the given template,  you can make approximately a 7cm Flower. You can also scale it up as per your need. 

Here is a 3-minute video on how to use this template and make one flower. 

For more details, tips and tricks, Recommended supplies, read on. 

Things needed

Step-by-step Instruction to make a Paper lotus

1. Make the Lotus Stigma

Begin by cutting a Yellow strip of approx 1.5cm in width. Then, make slits at regular intervals of 2 mm. Afterwards, roll the strip and glue it. This is the stigma or the centre part of the lotus.

Step by step instruction to make paper lotus

2. Inner petals

Cut the “Inner petal” Template from the printable. Lay the template over the Pink sheet and trace with a pencil. To be precise, we need 6 Petals adjacent to one another ( refer to image). Mark them and cut.

Using a glue gun, stick together the Flaps at the bottom of each petal so that the petals get curvy. Finally, stick either end together, forming a ring of petals.

Step by step instruction to make paper lotus

3. Outer petals

Make the outer petals in the same way how we made the inner petals. However, in this case, each petal will be a separate one.

Cut out the template, trace, cut and stick the bottom flaps of each petal. We might need a minimum of 12 petals.

Instructions to make a paper lotus

4. Flower Base and pad

Next, we will make the base for the lotus flower and a Lotus Pad that would be a great compliment.  Make use of the Template “Base” and “Pad” and cut the pieces.

Step by step instruction to make paper lotus

5. Glue them all

Over the base, assemble everything using a Hot glue gun. It would be best if you started from the outer edge—first, all outer petals, Then the ring of inner petals, and finally, the stigma.

Step by step instruction to make paper lotus

Place the paper Lotus over the Green lotus pad. It is ready! 

Paper lotus flower small

Do you know how Solid these paper lotuses are?  My daughter has been using it as a Toy in her Park Mini-World play. Even after two years, it is still in shape.

Thanks to the Thick cardstock that I used for this project. But you can also use Construction paper as well. 

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paper lotus craft

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