Paper Lotus Flower

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The lotus flower is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world, with its unique shape and vibrant colours. It is often used in art, literature, and design due to its aesthetic appeal.

It also holds great cultural and spiritual significance in many cultures around the world.

Today, Learn how to make a stunning Paper Lotus Flower Craft with our Step-by-step tutorial and a Free Printable Craft Template.

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Paper Lotus Flowers craft

While most of the projects I create here are Easy Crafts for Preschoolers and kindergartners, this Paper Lotus Craft may be better suited for Teens and Adults.  Whether you’re looking to decorate your home or simply looking for a fun and relaxing activity, paper lotus craft is a perfect choice.

How to Make a Paper Lotus Flower?

This Easy Lotus Craft allows for a lot of customization and creativity and can be a great way to unwind and relax after a long day.

While it’s possible to make a lotus flower without a template, utilizing our Printable Paper Lotus Flower Template can make the process more straightforward and yield perfect results.

The Lotus Template can be downloaded at the end of this post, allowing you to start crafting right away.

Things you will need to make this Lotus Flower

Video Tutorial

For Step-by-step Directions with pictures, Tips, and Tricks Read on.

Directions to make a Lotus Flower with Paper

First, Print out the Lotus Template provided. This template is designed to create a flower that is approximately 7cm in size, but you can adjust the scale as needed to create a larger or smaller flower.

The Template Has an inner Petal, outer pet, Base, Pad and Long strip for Stigma. Cut them all out

Step 1: Create the Lotus Stigma

Begin by cutting a long strip of yellow paper that is approximately 1.5cm wide.

On one of the longer edges, create fringes at uniform intervals that are about half the width of the paper.

Step by step instruction to make paper lotus

Next, tightly roll the paper strip from one end to the other, using hot glue to secure the bottom end and create the stigma, which is the centre part of the lotus.

Once the stigma is complete, gently spread out the fringes on the top of the paper to create a fluffy effect.

Step 2:  Make the Inner Petals of the Lotus

To start, cut out six petals from pink paper using the Inner Petal template. For convenience in the next steps, cut them out as a single piece.

Place the template on the paper and trace the outline, then move it adjacent to the first tracing and trace it again. Repeat this process a few more times.

Step by step instruction to make paper lotus

Instructions to make a paper lotus

Cut out the traced petals. Now, overlap the cut at the bottom of one petal and  Use a hot glue gun to stick the overlap. This will naturally create a cupped shape for the petal.

Continue sticking all the petals in a similar fashion.  Once all the petals are glued, join the ends together to form a ring of petals.

Step 3: Make the Outer Petals of the Lotus

Following the Inner Petal, the next step is to create two layers of the outer petal. This will require 14 or 15 petals.

To begin, use the Outer Petal template to cut out the petals. Unlike the Inner petals where we cut them adjacently, for the outer petals we will cut them separately.

Step by step instruction to make paper lotus

Once all the petals are cut out, create an overlap at the bottom and secure it with a hot glue gun, as we did for the inner petals. Prepare all the petals in this manner.

Step 4: Create the Flower Base and Pad

Next, we will cut the Circular Base of the Flower in pink and a Green Pad using the respective Templates. I used a Zig Zag scissor to create the beautiful effect of the Lotus Pad.

Step 5: Assemble the Lotus

With all the parts of the paper Lotus flower prepared, the final step is the easiest – sticking them together.

To assemble, use a hot glue gun. First, stick the outer petals around the outer edge of the circular pink base. Create another ring of outer petals, slightly offset from the first one.

Step by step instruction to make paper lotus

Next, attach the ring of inner petals and then the stigma.

Finally, place the lotus on the pad to complete the project. The finished Paper Lotus flower is now ready to be used for decoration!

Make a few more paper lotuses which can be placed on a table or a shelf as a beautiful centrepiece. The intricate design of the lotus petals and the vibrant pink colour will add a touch of elegance to any room.

Paper Lotus crafts

Which Paper is best to make Lotus Paper Craft?

It is important to note that we created this Paper Lotus flower using cardstock, which has given it a sturdy look and ensured its durability. While it is possible to create this craft using construction paper, it may not hold up as well over time.

Therefore, I highly recommend that you use cardstock for this project to ensure the best results. Cardstock is a thicker and stronger material that will hold the shape of the petals and withstand wear and tear.

By using cardstock, your Paper Lotus flower will not only look beautiful but will also have a longer lifespan. It will be a cherished decorative piece that you can enjoy for years to come.

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To do this Paper Lotus flower craft later, Pin this image.

Handmade paper lotus flowers


Download the Lotus Template

Just click on the button below to download the Free printable Lotus Template.

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