Torn Paper Ladoo Craft

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Things you will need to make a Torn Paper Ladoo Craft

  • Ladoo Template
  • Card stock paper in 2 shades of yellow and another colour of your choice.
  • Glue
  • Scissors

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Directions to make Torn Paper Ladoo Craft

Download the template provided at the end of the post and print it onto thick cardstock paper.

If you prefer not to print, you can create a Ladoo outline using a thick black marker.

Now, begin tearing the pieces of paper into tiny chunks, approximately 1cm x 1cm in size. Embrace the irregular shapes as they add to the craft’s charm.

Torn Paper Yellow

Apply glue within the black border of the Ladoos section.

Free Ladoo Template PDF

Start randomly pasting yellow paper pieces onto it. Use various shades of yellow for a dynamic effect. Once you’ve completed one ladoo, move on to the next until all the ladoos are covered.

Making torn Paper Ladoo Craft

Sticking Torn Paper on the Ladoo Template

Next, select another colour for the plate and repeat the process of tearing small pieces. Apply glue to the Plate section and begin sticking the pieces one by one until the entire area is completely covered.

Ladoo Craft

Your craft is now complete!

Once the glue has dried, carefully cut out the Ladoos and the plate.

Here is your sweet delicacy! this is definitely one unique craft that kids will love!

Cutting out the Plate of Ladoos

This craft will make a perfect addition to your Festive decorations!

Try some Variations with the Ladoo template

Let’s get creative and explore some exciting variations using the Ladoo template:

  1. Create Rasagulas: Instead of using yellow paper, experiment with shades of white to craft a plate of Rasagulas!
  2. Use Yellow Dot Markers: Swap torn paper for yellow dot markers to decorate your Ladoos, adding a unique touch.
  3. Q-Tips or Fingerpainting: Try using Q-tips or your fingers for a different artistic approach to painting the Ladoos.
  4. Colouring Fun: Have a blast with coloring the template and don’t hesitate to add extra details like cashews and cardamom to make your Ladoos even more delightful.

Paper ladoo Craft for kids

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Let your creativity run wild and enjoy the process of making your customized Ladoo masterpiece!

Download your Ladood template at the end of the post and get started right away on Pin this step-by-step Ladoo craft instruction for Later!

Step by step Ladoo Craft for kids - Diwali Craft

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