Torn Paper Wreath Craft

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Searching for a lovely wreath craft that is both simple to create and budget-friendly? Look no further – we have the ideal option for you: the Torn paper wreath craft!

While this craft is designed with Christmas in mind, feel free to adapt the template for any season or holiday of your choice.

Download the free template provided at the end of this post to kickstart your Craft.

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Torn Paper Wreath Craft

Things you need to make the Torn Paper Wreath Craft

Directions to make the Torn Paper Wreath

Commence the torn paper craft by tearing Cardstock paper into small pieces, approximately 1 cm in size. We prefer Cardstock paper for its thickness, which imparts a delightful texture to the torn edges.

Tearing Green Paper for Torn Paper Craft

I habitually save leftover Cardstock paper scraps from previous projects. Since we frequently engage in torn paper art at home, we opt to utilize these same papers rather than acquiring new sheets.

It’s an excellent way to recycle and make the most of these materials.

Next download and Print the Wreath template on Thick Paper. Grab a handful of Green, red and yellow Torn papers for this Christmas Wreath craft.

Free Wreath Template for Torn paper craft

Let’s start with the green papers. Apply glue to the wreath in the areas designated for the green portion (the core part), and proceed to stick the pieces one by one, ensuring each section is adequately covered.

Christmas wreath Craft

Repeat the process to craft the bow and the wreath decoration, utilizing red and yellow in our example.

Also, Feel free to interchange these colours, creating a red bow and yellow decoration on the wreath.

Christmas Wreath Craft

Once all components are covered, it’s time to cut the wreath out of the paper. Use a pair of scissors to precisely cut along the edges.

Note that children may require assistance, especially when cutting the central part.

Voila! The wreath is now ready!


Torn Paper Wreath Craft

Attach a small piece of thread so you can hang this festive creation on your door for Christmas. To save this project for later, pin this image for a quick reference.

Christmas wreath craft

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Download the Christmas Wreath Template

Ready to print the Wreath template for your crafting adventure?

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