Paper Plate Elf Craft

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Kids love making Christmas crafts and Decorations. Not only is it a fun activity, but it also helps them to take an active role in the Christmas season. Crafting an Elf with a Paper plate is a great way for preschoolers to have some holiday fun.

So encourage them to get creative and make their own Paper Plate Elf craft.

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Paper Plate Elf Craft

Elves are creatures of mythology and folklore who are typically portrayed as helping Santa by making Christmas toys for the kids at the North pole.

Though they vary in appearance from culture to culture, they are often depicted in green and red. But you can make them in any colour of your choice by using our free template.

Supplies you will need

Directions to Make a Paper Plate Elf Craft


Begin by cutting away a Quater of the Paper plate as shown in the picture below.

Paint the Center of the Plate in skin colour. We mixed Red, yellow and white to get this shade.

After painting the centre, cut the rim of the plate, You can do the Step earlier as well.

Download the free template at the end of the Post and print it on a thick sheet – Cardstock. Cut the pieces out and use the Template to cut out the Hat, ears and Nose.

First, Stick together the 3 pieces of the hat.

Attach the ears to the Paper plate

Continue sticking the Hat to the Plate.

Sometimes, the Hat might be slightly bigger that the Face. This is because of the Difference in the width of the paper plate. This template is in Letter size, so you might see the difference if you print in A4 size.

So be prepared for minor adjustments to the Hat or Plate.

Next, Add the Eyes and Nose.

Finally, use a Black marker to add a Smile. The craft is done!

Want to save this craft for Later? Pin this image.

So are you ready to make this Paper plate Elf craft? Download the template at the end of the post!

Download the Elf Template

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