Torn Paper Candy Cane

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Creating candy cane crafts can be a fun and festive activity, especially during the holiday season. This Torn Paper Candy Cane is a simple craft idea for making your own candy cane decorations.

Download the FREE Candy Cane Template and Make this Craft with Preschoolers, Kindergarten kids and Even First Graders!

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Torn Paper Candy Cane

Things you need to make the Torn Paper Candy Cane

Directions to make the Torn Paper Candy Cane

First, tear Cardstock paper into small bits (approx 1 cm) for the torn paper craft. We always opt for Cardstock paper due to its thickness, providing a lovely texture at the torn edges.

Tearing Red Paper for Torn Paper Craft

For this craft, we need only Red and white.

Download the Free Candy Cane and Print it on a Thick sheet. We have used 120GSM printing paper for this Craft.

Candy Cane Template


Let’s begin with the Red. Apply glue to alternate sections of the candy cane and start sticking the torn red Pieces one by one until all Parts are covered.

The Smaller the Torn paper, the more Dencer and Attractive the torn paper Will be.

Sticking the Torn Papers on the Cane

Once all the Red parts are completely covered repeat the small process with the rest of the Sections with WHite. Apply glue and stick the pieces.

Sticking the Torn Papers on the Cane

Once all the Parts are covered, leave it to dry for 5 to 10 minutes and cut the candy cane out! Cutting the Paper Candy cane

Here is the finished Torn Paper Candy Cane Craft!

Preschool Candy cane Craft

Make a number of Candy Canes and Decorate your Christmas tree!

Each red-and-white striped Candy cane not only serves as a delicious delight but also embodies a joyful visual symbol of the season.

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Torn Paper Candy Cane

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Torn Paper Candy Cane

Download the Candy Cane Template

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