Torn Paper Present Craft

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This is a fun and easy Christmas craft for kids of all ages. All you need to make this Torn Paper Present craft are some torn pieces of paper, glue, and our Free Printable Present template.

You can use any kind of paper, but cardstock paper is a good choice because it is sturdy and comes in a variety of colours.

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Torn Paper Present craft

Things you need to make the Torn Paper Present Craft

Directions to make the Torn Paper Present Craft

Commence the Torn paper craft by tearing Cardstock paper into small pieces, approximately 1 cm in size. We prefer Cardstock paper for its thickness, which imparts a delightful texture to the torn edges.

Ripping paper is highly advantageous for children as it contributes to the development of fine motor skills.

Tearing Red Paper for Torn Paper Craft

To begin, download the Free Present Template and print it on sturdy paper. Prepare a selection of torn coloured papers, such as Yellow, Red, and Blue, for the craft.

Present Template

Begin by applying white glue to one or two sections of the craft and affix torn paper pieces one by one, covering each section.

Torn Paper Present Craft

Progress to the next colour and continue this process until all patches are adorned with torn papers.

Christmas Present Craft for kids

Once the process is finished, use scissors to cut out the present craft. That’s all you need to do!

For a charming touch, fold a cardstock card in half, affix the torn paper present craft to the front, write a message on the inner side, and voila—a Christmas greeting card!

This handmade card idea is adorable and adds a personal touch to your greetings.

Torn Paper Present craft

You can also create smaller Torn Paper presents to hang as ornaments on the tree.

To do this, adjust the printing scale to reduce the size, and print 2 or 4 presents per page.

Torn Paper Present craft

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Download the Christmas Present Template

Ready to print the Present template for your crafting adventure?

Visit the Free Christmas Template blog to download not only the Christmas Present template but also 6 other Christmas templates.

Free Printable Christmas Templates

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