Christmas Torn Paper Crafts for kids

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Christmas brings out the creative spirit in children of all ages.  In the spirit of the season, we bring you Seven enchanting Christmas Torn Paper Crafts for kids to dive into during the holiday festivities!

To make these crafts even easier, each project is accompanied by a Downloadable Free Printable Template.

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Christmas Torn Paper Crafts

How to make a Torn Paper Craft

Torn paper crafts prove to be an exceptionally simple and enjoyable activity for preschoolers and toddlers alike.

The instructions for all these crafts share a common approach. Simply select suitable colours for each project and download the free template to commence your chosen craft.

The process involves tearing papers into small bits and adhering them to a printable template using glue.

The beauty of the craft is enhanced by creating smaller and denser torn paper pieces.

Christmas Torn Paper Crafts

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Torn Paper Ornament Craft

This Torn Paper Ornament can be created in any colour! If you happen to have glitter papers in shades like red or gold, tear them and fashion dazzling glitter paper ornaments.

This ornament Template is approximately 12 cm in size and can be charmingly hung on your Christmas trees.

Christmas ornament Craft

Torn Paper Candy Cane craft

Children will thoroughly enjoy creating these torn paper candy canes!

Our choice of cardstock paper ensures sturdiness in all torn paper crafts, making it perfect for crafting ornaments as well.

Preschool Candy cane Craft

Simply resize the candy cane template and print two per page for ideal ornament-making.

Torn Paper Christmas Tree Craft

This Christmas tree craft can be even more attractive by incorporating various shades of green!

Enhance the festive appeal by using glitter balls as ornaments on the tree.

Christmas tree Preschool Craft

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Torn Paper Present Craft

What is Christmas for kids without gifts? Encourage children to create a present craft by tearing paper in their favourite colours.

Torn Paper Present craft

They can personalize it with their name, making it a fantastic classroom activity that they can proudly display on their bulletin boards.

Torn Paper Santa Hat Craft

Kids will love to wear a Santa Handband. Transform this torn paper Santa Hat into a festive headband by attaching two long paper strips on either side.

Santa hat craft

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Torn Paper Stocking Craft

Torn Paper Stocking

Torn Paper Wreath Craft

This wreath craft makes for a perfect decoration to hang in your child’s bedroom or at the entrance.

Enhance its charm by decorating it with beads or small glitter balls.

Torn Paper Wreath Craft

Did you like these 7 Christmas Torn Paper crafts? Begin crafting your own now. The free printable Christmas craft templates are available for download at the end of the post; just sign up!

To bookmark this project for later, pin one of these images.

Christmas Torn Paper Crafts


Download the Torn Papercraft Template

Sign up here to access and download all seven templates, including Wreath, Christmas tree, Candy cane, Santa hat, Present, Ornament, and Stocking.



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