Diwali Torn Paper Crafts for Kids

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Diwali stands as one of India’s grandest festivals! Children eagerly embrace the spirit of Diwali by crafting special projects in the lead-up to the celebration. Here, we present four incredible Diwali Torn Paper Crafts for kids to enjoy during the Diwali festivities!

Each of these four crafts comes with a Downloadable Free Printable Template to help you get started right away!

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Torn Paper Diwali Crafts

Torn Paper Diya Craft

Diwali, or Deepavali, can be translated to mean “row of lights” or “festival of lights.

This name reflects the central theme of the festival, which involves the lighting of Diyas to symbolize the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil.

Make a diya craft and celebrate Diwali!

Diya Torn Paper Craft


Torn Paper Rangoli Craft

Diwali Rangoli, a vibrant and intricate art form, is an integral part of Diwali celebrations. These colourful designs, created on the ground or at entrances are Typically made using coloured rice, flour, sand, or flower petals.

Rangolis come in various patterns and themes. They not only beautify homes but also hold cultural significance.

Explore the traditional art of Rangoli by crafting your own masterpiece using torn pieces of colourful paper. Opt for bold, contrasting hues to infuse your Rangoli with the same vibrancy as the intricate floor art.

Rangoli Torn Paper Craft

Torn Paper Firework Craft

Children eagerly anticipate the dazzling Diwali fireworks displays.

Diwali fireworks encompass a variety of forms, from aerial fireworks to ground-based displays, sparklers, and firecrackers. Let’s create a firework rocket craft as a way to celebrate Diwali.

This torn paper rocket craft is a fantastic way to keep kids enthusiastic and engaged in the festive spirit.

Rocket FIrework Torn Paper Craft


Torn Paper Ladoo Craft

Diwali is known for its wide variety of sweets and desserts. Families and communities prepare a diverse range of sweets, often showcasing regional flavours and specialities.

Some popular Diwali sweets include laddoos, jalebi, gulab jamun, barfi, rasgulla, and more.

Create a Plate full of Ladoo with Just Torn Paper and our Free printable Ladoo Template!

Ladoo Torn Paper Diwali Crafts

Download The Free Diwali Torn Paper Crafts Template

We trust you relished all these Torn Paper Ideas for Kids to craft during Diwali.

To access the template, please visit the corresponding craft tutorial and download the template.

Torn Paper Diwali Printable Templates

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