Dussehra Elephant Craft

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Elephants hold a central role in the Mysuru Dasara Festival, with the lead elephant carrying the Goddess Chamundeshwari. With Dussehra just around the corner, how about creating a Paper Dussehra Elephant Craft to celebrate this occasion with children?

This project is wonderful and simplistic for kids to create with our free printable template.

As Dussehra is observed to commemorate Lord Ram’s victory over Ravana, children can also engage in a delightful Ravana counting activity or Make Ramayana Printable Puppets.

Dussehra Elephant Paper Craft

What is the Significance of Elephants in the context of Mysore Dussehra?

The Mysuru Dussehra festival is one of the oldest and most important festivals in the Indian State of  Karnataka, and Elephants have been a part of the celebrations for centuries.  The Elephants form the core of the Dussehra procession on Vijayadashami day.

It is a spectacular sight to behold. The elephants are led through the streets of Mysuru, accompanied by music, dancing, and floats. The lead elephant carries the idol of Goddess Chamundeshwari in it. They are adorned with intricate attire and jewellery for the event.

The procession is a celebration of the rich cultural heritage of Mysore and the victory of good over evil.

Dussehra Elephant Paper Craft

This Dussehra Elephant craft is an ideal choice, if you’re searching for an Indian traditional craft or a delightful elephant-themed craft.

Let’s see how to make this Elephant craft project.

Things you will need to make the Craft

Watch a Video on How to make the Dussehra Elephant Craft

Directions to make Dussehra Elephant craft

Start by downloading the Dusshera Elephant Template at the end of this post and then print it.

Use the template to cut out the elephant pieces in grey – Body, legs, tail, and Ear. The template also includes pieces for the Netthipattams (ornaments that hang from the forehead of elephants) and decorative cloth for the elephant’s body. You can choose any colour for the cloth – red, blue, or green.

Elephant Craft Template

For the tusks and eyes, use the cutouts provided in the template. If you plan to make more than one craft, print the eye and tusk template page, which contains plenty of cutouts for this craft.

Once all the pieces are ready, begin assembling the craft. First, attach the Netthipattam and the body cloth.

Sticking the pieces of Paper Elephant

Next, add the legs and tail to the back of the elephant.

Finally, attach the eyes and tusks to the face.

Apply the large ear and gently fold it out to create a 3D effect.

Sticking the pieces of Paper elephant

After assembling all the parts, you can decorate the elephant. Use IKEA Mala fluorescent paint in gold colour to add details to the body cloth and Netthipattam.

Indian Heritage Elephant Paper Craft

Use stones or glitter for additional decoration, but we generally avoid using them in our crafts. The gold paint is usually sufficient and gives a grand finish to this type of craft.

Allow the paint to dry for at least 30 minutes. Once dry, your craft is complete and ready for display on your shelf.

This craft is a great way to create a beautiful Elephant Garland. You can make 6 to 10 pieces of this craft and hang them as a garland at the entrance.

Dussehra Elephant Paper Craft

Elephants hold both religious and cultural significance in India. This craft is an excellent choice for an India-themed activity for children as Children have a special fondness for Elephants.

Variations of Dusshera elephant craft

– Experiment with different colours for the elephant, such as black, brown, or blue.
– Use various types of paper for the ornaments, like glitter paper, textured paper, felt, etc.
– Add stones and glitter for stunning Dussehra elephant decorations.
– Scale up the template to create a larger elephant.

Feel free to pin these step-by-step instructions for quick reference.

Dussehra Elephant Paper Craft

More Elephant Ideas for kids

Download the Dussehra Elephant Craft Template



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