Paper Plate Dandiya Dolls

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These Beautiful Paper Plate Dandiya Dolls not only stand firmly on their own but also sway gracefully from side to side.

This classical dance-inspired craft is versatile and can be done at any time of the year, but it is truly perfect for the festive season of Navratri.

Thanks to the Free printable template, crafting these dolls is a breeze. You can create multiple dolls, all identical in structure but dressed in a variety of vibrant colours and traditional attire.

Paper Plate Dandiya Dolls

Adorned with traditional clothing, jewellery, and accessories, these Dandiya dolls exude sheer elegance. This craft project is suitable for all kids and adults, making it an attractive decoration that can adorn your space throughout the year.

Personally, this has become one of my favourite crafts of the year, and I proudly display it in my home.

Allow me to guide you through the process, using supplies you likely already have on hand!

What is Dandiya?

Dandiya is a traditional Indian folk Dance that originated in the State of Gujarat and is often performed during the Hindu festival of Navaratri. It is a lively and Energetic dance that involves participants using decorated sticks, also known as “dandiya,” which are used to strike the sticks of their dance partners rhythmically.

Dandiya is often performed in a large circle or pairs, with dancers moving in a coordinated and synchronized manner to the beat of the music.


The dance is accompanied by traditional folk music and songs, and the dancers often wear colourful and traditional attire.

Things you need to make the Paper Plate Dandiya Dolls

  • 9″ Paper Plate
  • Cardstock Paper – Black, Skin colour and any colour for the dress
  • Kids Paint – Any colour
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Ikea Mala Fluorescent paint – gold
  • Micron Fine Tip Pen Set

Watch a Video on how to make Paper Plate Dandiya Dolls

Directions to make the Paper Plate Dandiya Dolls

This tutorial may be one of the more extensive ones I’ve written, but I promise that it’s designed for young children, including kindergartners. They’ll have a great time crafting their very own doll.

My 5-year-old daughter created this doll mostly on her own, with just a bit of assistance from me. While young kids might need some help with cutting, they can handle the glueing and decorating themselves.

Make the Paper Plate Skirt

To start, take a paper plate, cut it in half, and paint it green. Once the paint has dried, fold it in a conical fashion and secure it with staples. Then, flatten it and trim the top part.

Paper Plate Craft

This will serve as the skirt for the doll. Enhance the skirt’s appearance by decorating it with 3D puffy paint. Let it dry and meanwhile, we will prepare the other parts of the doll.

Download and Print the Template

To obtain the free printable Dandiya Template, simply sign up at the end of this post. Once you’ve received the template, Print and use it to cut out the doll’s body, head, and hands from skin-coloured paper.

Additionally, take a black sheet to cut out two pieces for the hair. Precision is key when cutting the hair, so take your time.

Paper Plate Dandiya Dolls

Next, pick a colour for your doll’s dress and cut out the top. For the shawl, you’ll need a serviette paper, which is perfect for folding and adhering to the doll.

Draw Details on the Face

Utilize a fine-tip pen to add intricate details to the face, including the eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, and bindi. Afterwards, attach the hair part to the top of the face. Your head part is now complete!

Paper Plate Dandiya Dolls

Stick the Pieces Together

Now, proceed to adhere the body part to the head, followed by attaching the top pieces. Afterwards, glue the hands to the back of the top.

Paper Plate Dandiya Dolls

One hand should be at a 45-degree angle, while the other should be at a 30-degree angle. This arrangement ensures a perfect hand fold giving the dolls the ideal pose for Dandinya!

Following that, fold the hands inward at the midpoint and secure them with glue. Attach the decorated dandiya sticks as well.

Paper Plate Dandiya Dolls

Also, affix the hair to the back of the head and extend the other end of the hair to the front. You can fringe the ends of the hair for an extra beautiful appearance.

Decorate the Doll

For the finishing touches, consider using  Gold paint to craft the doll’s jewellery and dress designs. We created hair jewellery, forehead jewellery, necklaces, bangles, and dress borders using this paint. Allow it to dry completely for the best results.

Paper Plate Dandiya Dolls

Later stick the Skirt and Top part together!

Paper Plate Dandiya Dolls

Final Touches

Each serviette paper typically consists of three layers of paper. Carefully remove one layer. Fold it like draping a saree, and then glue it onto the left shoulder of the doll. If you wish, you can also decorate the doll further with Gold paint.

Dandiya Dance Craft

There you have it—your dancing Dandiya dolls are now complete! Feel free to create as many as you like, using a mix of colours. We crafted two dolls in green and pink, and another in green and red. Enjoy your colourful creations!

Paper Plate Dandiya Dolls

A wonderful idea to consider is using sparklers instead of Dandiya sticks to create cute Diwali girl crafts. Thus these dolls are not only perfect for Navratri but also for celebrating Diwali. It’s a versatile and creative way to add a festive touch to your crafting projects.

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Paper Plate Dandiya Dolls

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