3D Paper Diya Craft

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Embark on a creative journey this Diwali with the enchanting 3D Paper Diya Craft – a simple project that is a perfect decorative piece for the festival of lights!

Amidst the array of Diwali craft ideas for kids featured on our blog, this latest addition stands out as one of the easiest and most delightful creations.

Let’s dive into the joy of crafting and illuminate your Diwali celebrations with this charming 3D paper diya!

3D Diya Craft made from paper


Things you will need to make 3D Paper Diya Craft

You’ll only need a few basic supplies:

If you don’t have a circle punch, don’t worry; you can still create this project by cutting the circles with scissors. However, using a circle punch significantly reduces cutting time and makes the process much easier.

Additionally, a circle punch opens the door to various fun crafts beyond this project!

Directions to make your 3D Paper Diyas

Take a piece of cardstock paper and punch out circles. Aim for a minimum of 10 circles for a good finish. The more circles you have, the denser your diya will be.

Preparing circles to make red diya paper craft

Take a circular piece and fold it in half. Fold it once more, creating a quarter-circle shape.

Folding red paper to make 3D diya craft

Repeat this folding process for all the other pieces. Once all the pieces are ready, it’s time to assemble them.

Pieces of the diya craft are ready to be stuck together.

Without unfolding the circles, apply glue to one of their outer faces. Place another folded circle on top, ensuring that the edges align.

Press the circles together to secure them in place.

Apply glue to the red paper and stick them.

Continue this process, sticking all the pieces together while ensuring the edges align well. Press firmly each time.

Body of 3D Diya craft made from folded paper and stuck with glue

Finally, apply glue to one of the outer faces of the last circle. Bring the two outermost faces together and press firmly to glue them in place.

Body of 3D Diya craft made using paper

Now, your creation has transformed into a three-dimensional paper sphere. Cut out a flame-shaped piece of yellow paper and insert it into the centre of one of the flaps.

Our 3D paper craft diyas in red, pink and blue colour are ready.

That’s it! Your diya is ready!

Easy to make 3D diya using paper

Variations in the 3D Paper Diyas

  • Experiment with different colours for a vibrant collection of diyas.
  • Increase the circle size to 10 cm for larger diyas.

A tip: Since cardstock provides more rigidity to the flaps, your paper diya will be sturdier. However, avoid making diyas smaller than 5cm with cardstock; consider using thin origami papers for smaller sizes.

Let your creativity shine as you explore various possibilities with this simple and charming papercraft! Please save the step-by-step visual guide below for quick reference.

A step-by-step visual guide to make 3D diya using paper.

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