Free Printable Holi Worksheets

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Get ready for Holi with these 7 engaging Free Printable Holi Worksheets for your kids!

As the festive season approaches, children eagerly anticipate the vibrant celebration of colours. Dive into the spirit of Holi with these 7 fun educational activities.

For additional enjoyable ways to keep children entertained throughout the Holi Festival, explore these exciting Holi activities for kids.

Free printable Holi Worksheets

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What’s included in the Free Printable Holi Worksheet pack

This Printable PDF includes 7 Worksheets that are suitable for preschoolers, Kindergarten kids and even First and Second Grade kids!

Here are the list of activities in the Pack.

1. Shadow matching
2. Decode the message using beginning sounds
3. Find more and less
4. Locate Holi elements
5. Read and match
6. Simple maze
7. Count the colours!

Free printable Holi Worksheets

These worksheets are bursting with colour and perfectly capture the essence of Holi. Some, like Shadow matching, mazes, and finding Holi elements, are suitable for children under 3 years old with parental guidance.

For older kids who can read, the decode and read-and-match activities are ideal. “Find Holi elements” provides a great opportunity for parents to discuss the significance of these elements in the festival.

Enjoy these free printables available for download at the end of the post by signing up. Let the festivities begin!

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More Holi Activities for Kids

Holi 3D Craft 

Celebrate the story of Holika and Prahlad with this engaging printable craft! Easy to cut, paste, and assemble, kids will delight in bringing this tale to life in three dimensions.

Holi 3D scene Craft


More Free printable worksheets for kids

Download the Free Printable Holi worksheets for kids

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