Fork-Painted Campfire Craft

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Campfire crafts are Popular crafts to do during the summer season.  So many people use campfires to cook food while camping but they’re actually far more useful in winter to keep us warm outdoors.

So here is our Fork-Painted Campfire craft as part of our Winter Activity series.

Moreover, this fork-painted craft is absolutely suitable for Indian Festival-themed Activities like Holi and Pongal where they make bonfires as part of the celebration.

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Fork-Painted Campfire Craft

This Craft is a super-Easy for kids. You can either make it with the Campfire template or draw logs and paint above them.  The free template is available at the end of the blog post.

Supplies you will need

  • Campfire template
  • Paint
  • Fork

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Directions to Make a Campfire Craft

Download the templates and print them on cardstock. I always recommend the thick paper for any painting activities as the regular printing pager (80 Gsm) will easily soak when painted.
Dip a fork in yellow paint and press on paper above the wood logs and continue pressing around to make a fire. 
Use Shades of Orange and Red for more variation. Once done, Leave it to dry for 10 Minutes.
Your campfire craft is ready! It is hard to believe that it takes just a minute to complete one.

To save this craft for Later, Pin this image.

This is a perfect activity to do at any time of the Year, however, it is a right fit to include in one of the following themes

  1.  Winter Theme – People make campfires outdoors to keep themselves warm.
  2. Summer theme- To cook food during camping, people use campfires.
  3. Holi Festival –  Bonfires (Holika) are lit as part of the celebration.
  4. Pongal Festival- To burn unwanted things, people make Bonfiresas part of the Bogi celebration.

So are you ready to make this Fork-Painted Campfire craft? Download the template at the end of the post!

Download the Campfire Template

Just click on the button below to download the free craft template

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