Spring Worksheets

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Spring is here! Are you looking for Free Spring Worksheets for Toddlers/ Preschoolers? Here are 10 Worksheets that kids would love to do!

See what’s included in the Printable Pack and download it for free at the end of the Post.

Spring worksheets

These Worksheets are Designed specifically for Young kids who just started to scribble with Pencil. The worksheets require them to Understand Basic instructions and Draw a Line/Circle.

These Worksheets Help Kids with Visual Discrimination, Spatial Skills, Problem Solving and Pen control.

Use the Worksheets Multiple Times

To use the Worksheets Multiple times in Classrooms, you can do one of the following and Use Wipe Erase Pens

  1. Laminate the Worksheets. (I recommend Amazon Laminator)
  2. Insert the Pages Inside Clear Page Protectors
  3. Insert in Dry Erase Pockets

As you see in the Images above Both are similar, but Clear Page protectors are very thin and are great to organise in a ring binder. The Dry erase Pockets on the other hand are very thick and can be used unaided.

At home, we print the Pages on Thin paper for One-time use.

What’s included in the Spring Worksheets Pack?

There are 10 Simple worksheets, Here is a list of Activities with Pictures of the worksheets

  • Match the Shapes
  • Find the other Half
  • Compare the Items
  • Match the colour
  • Match the Shadow

  • Find the creatures that go right
  • Count and Write
  • Find the odd one
  • Maze

Each page has a Block at the footer with great conversation starters/ Riddles or simple Questions to Spark the child’s curiosity.

That is all of the 10 Pages! Alright, Ready to Engage your Toddlers and Preschoolers with these Spring Worksheets? Download these free worksheets at the end of the post!

Want to later? Pin this image to come back when needed!

Spring worksheets

Spring Busy Book 

Check out Interactive Activities from the Spring Busy book! These are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers!

More Spring Printable for kids

Download Your Free Spring Worksheets PDF

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