The Story of Holi Craft

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This “Story of Holi” craft is a Perfect activity to learn the Story of Praglad and Holika and why we celebrate Holi.

It’s super easy for kids of any age to make! Just cut, fold, and glue the pieces together. Follow the step-by-step instructions for a fun crafting adventure.

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What is the story of Holi?

According to the myth, Holika, a Demoness is a character associated with the festival of Holi. She was the sister of the demon king Hiranyakashipu.

Hiranyakashipu had a son named Prahlad, who was a devoted follower of the god Vishnu. This devotion angered Hiranyakashipu, who wanted to punish his son for worshipping Vishnu instead of him.

Holika believed to be immune to fire, was asked by Hiranyakashipu to sit on a pyre with Prahlad in her lap.

Story of HOli Craft

However, due to her evil intentions, her immunity did not work, and she was burned to ashes while Prahlad emerged unharmed due to his devotion to Vishnu.

The ritual of Holika Dahan, where bonfires are lit to symbolize the burning of Holika, signifies the destruction of evil and the celebration of the victory of good.

Things you’ll need to make this Craft

Directions to make the Holi Craft

Step 1: Print the Page

The Story of Holi Craft printable is available in both colour versions and black and white versions. Get the Printable and Print on off on 120GSmPaper or cardstock for the Best result.

story of holi craft printable

Step 2: Cut out the pieces

The Printout has 3 Pieces. Cut them out precisely with a Scissor.

Cutting the Pieces


Step 4: Making Holika Craft

Fold along the Lines in the white space below.

Holika craft

Pay attention to the thin orange line over the legs, folding it to form a cuboid. Secure the flap on top with glue to complete the cuboid, creating a Sitting paper Holika.

Holika craft

Understanding the instructions might seem a bit challenging at first, but once you have the cutouts in hand, the process becomes incredibly simple. All you need to do is fold and glue— that’s all there is to it!

Step 4: Making Prahlad Craft

Fold the Prahlad cutout along the four small black reference lines, shaping it to sit on a chair.

Prahlad craft

Step 5: Bring It Together:

Story of Holi Craft

Construct a ring of fire by joining the ends of the fire cutout. Then, position Holika and place Prahlad on her lap or nearby, allowing for interactive play.

Story of Holi Craft

So Here is Our Holika and Prahlad sitting over Fire. Let the festive spirit of Holi ignite creativity and storytelling!

Holi 3D scene Craft


Tip: For older children, opt for the black-and-white version. They can colour, cut, and customize their crafts to their preferences, adding a personal touch to the activity.

Colour cut and Craft Template

Get the Story of Holi printable

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