Holi Would you Rather Questions for kids

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Whether you’re on the hunt for a kid’s boredom buster for a Holi Party or simply looking for some entertaining Holi-themed activities, these “Holi Would You Rather” questions for kids are absolutely perfect!

You read the Questions to the kids from this blog or opt to download the Free printable version at the end of the post, allowing the kids to circle their preferred choices.

Have fun!

Holi would you rather printable

Additionally, be sure to Check out the generic “Would You Rather” questions for kids that can be enjoyed at any time of the year.

Holi Would You Rather Questions for Kids

“Would you rather” questions are a fantastic way to engage and entertain kids of all ages. This post features 11 Holi-themed questions that are perfect for kids!

  1. Would you rather have a water balloon fight or Play with Coloured Powder?
  2. Would you rather attend a Holi Bonfire or Prefer a Colourful Parade?
  3. Would you rather Wear white clothes on Holi or Dark coloured clothes on Holi?
  4. Would you rather Play Holi indoors or Play Holi Outdoors?
  5. Would you rather Celebrate Holi with Friends or Family?
  6. Would you Rather Give Handmade Holi cards or a Bouquet of Flowers?
  7. Would you rather attend a party with traditional Indian Dish or Internationa Cuisite?
  8. Would you rather Play Holi with colour Water or Colour powder?
  9. Would you rather have Traditional Sweets or Modern Treats?
  10. Would you rather attend a Holi celebration with a Large crowd or with a small group of Friends?
  11. Would you rather Attend a Holi Party with Live Music or DJ Spinning your Favorite Tunes?

That is all the 11 questions we currently have in the one-page printable! Feel free to add more of your personalized version tailored for your family. I’ll be expanding the list next year, so remember to return for more.

We also have a Similar Printable for Christmas –  Would you rather Questions – Christmas Version and also an Easter Version

if you are looking for a Generic Would you rather question to use at any time of the year, we have got 101 Would you rather question for Kids. 

More Holi Activities for Kids

Get the Holi Would you rather Printable

Just click on the button below to download the Easter “Would you rather” printable.   Have fun!

Note that these are only for Personal use at home or single classroom usage.

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